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Innoloft builds the leading B2B tech ecosystem, enabled by interconnected business networks & marketplaces. We developed a digital platform technology to disrupt how business contacts are initiated between economic and innovation stakeholders.

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Berlin, Germany

Moeco IoT Inc.

Problem: Producers may suffer losses due to equipment downtime, misplaced assets, energy wastes, overbuying, missed maintenance, overall inefficiency. Moeco provides an out-of-the-box analytics solution about asset utilization and efficiency by measuring asset energy consumption, vibration, location and condition on a factory, etc. Moeco solution is: * Asset utilization analytics * Risk-based maintenance * Damage and Loss Prevention * Fully automated inventory management Moeco sources raw data about physical assets and turns it into the business insights for the companies. Moeco’s end-to-end solution consists of: - Sensors (non-intrusive in-house developed sensors) - Connectivity (local and global in 170+ countries) - Platform for data collection and analysis - Integrations - integrations with the majority of existing IT systems...
Smart CityIndustry
Hamburg, Germany

Sirum GmbH

TMS+ERP = TME With Sirum TME you handle all operational and internal transport/logistics processes in one system and can expand the solution modularly. With our driver app and customer portals, we integrate the entire supply chain into digitalization...
IT Technologies
Karlsruhe, Germany

SMIGHT - Eine Innovation der EnBW

SMIGHT Grid was developed precisely for the operating processes and existing plants in the distribution grid. Our innovative IoT solution provides the basis for digitized grid operations through patented sensor technology, real-time data and evaluations. Increasing dynamics in the grid as well as regulatory and economic requirements for grid operators are increasing the pressure to digitize. SMIGHT makes the distribution grid intelligent in the retrofit so that distribution grid operators are fit for the energy transition and e-mobility! ..

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Solution Request
Aachen, Germany
4+ employees

valideffect is looking for innovation and pilot partners

We are a startup funded by the federal government and RWTH Aachen University and are currently looking for innovation and pilot partners in the industrial service provider sector. The first prototype of our software is finished and we want to actively consider the requirements of the companies. We are looking for partners who support us in evaluating our prototypes and testing our software. We offer you the opportunity to participate as pioneers in a new innovative solution and to receive discounts on publication. I would be pleased about a first non-binding conversation (max. 20-30 minutes) to get to know each other. We would be happy to talk there about how a further cooperation could look like. An appointment can be booked directly here: Further information is summarized in a short FAQ on our website:
Solution Request
Coburg, Germany
160+ employees

Cooperation of various kinds

Search for start-ups and solutions in the fields of healthcare, industry, office organization, etc. Various cooperations possible (sales, marketing, production etc.).
Medical Care & E-healthThe Future Of Care
Solution Request
Karlsruhe, Germany
23000+ employees

Networked mobility

Business ideas on the topic of networked mobility with a focus on cities. The aim is to improve the quality of services in cities smaller than 250,000 inhabitants in order to create attractive alternatives to motorised private transport.

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We connect business networks and marketplaces

Innoloft is building a B2B tech ecosystem empowered by a network of industry clusters, innovation hubs, research centers, economic development organisations and other public and private networks. Individual communities digitize their B2B networks with turnkey white label platforms and marketplaces through our SaaS solution LoftOS. Its standardized data format allows each platform to communicate with the others, creating an international “network of networks”. Our digital ecosystem provides every user with unique opportunities for lead generation, innovation scouting, procurement or partner acquisition.