How startups are using digital solutions to build bridges between the energy and housing industries.

Smart City & Buildings

How start-ups use digital solutions to build bridges between the energy and housing industries.

40 percent of our total energy consumption is accounted for by residential and commercial buildings. But the new EU directive on the energy efficiency of buildings must be implemented by 2050. By then, all buildings in Europe will be low-energy buildings. There is still a lot to be done by then. Because to achieve this, not only insulation and more energy efficiency in buildings are needed. It also requires the use of renewable energy for energy supply, the installation of charging points for electric cars and the use of digital building and energy management solutions for combined use.

All this can be combined in one “Smart Building”. However, smart building solutions are also bringing the energy and housing industries closer together. In networked buildings, for example, data can be generated, analyzed and evaluated using built-in sensors. The data allows information to be obtained and processed more quickly. They map energy consumption, occupant behaviour and the operating status of technical equipment and systems in buildings. With the integration of additional data, analyses and forecasts are possible that help to maintain buildings. In addition to energy services, this results in new business and service options for the real estate and housing industry.

8 smart solutions for Smart Buildings

Smart networked solutions for smart buildings address both the energy and housing industries. They are the starting point for new digitalized business models. Startups are dealing with such innovative energy, data and building management solutions. They develop the infrastructure for smart buildings on the basis of big data, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), digital twins and other technical solutions. The following eight selected case studies show you which solutions Startups use to build hinges for the energy and housing industries.

KUGU Home GmbH – Business opener for new business fields in the housing industry 

The Berlin-based start-up KUGU is developing a digital toolbox for real estate. With their solutions, building technology and services can be digitized. For the housing industry, KUGU opens up new business fields and gives the opportunity to offer independent services such as heating and water cost accounting. On the way, residents gain transparent insights into their energy consumption and are encouraged to save energy.

Lemonbeat GmbH – Platform generalist for IoT applications

The Dortmund-based start-up Lemonbeat is creating a communications infrastructure for IoT applications that can be used both for industry and for the energy and real estate sectors. Your IoT Communication Backbone is the backbone for various IoT communication solutions. With the IoT operating system Lemonbeat OS™, Lemonbeat provides all software modules (services) required for the desired application. Thus Lemonbeat enables lean building automation in the area of Smart Building, as well as energy efficiency, security and comfort, which is also worthwhile for use in existing properties. As technology providers, they are anxious to reduce system development costs through standardization.

Rockethome GmbH – Provider of a digital service platform for networked living

“Everything from one source and on one service platform” is the promise of the Cologne-based start-up Rockethome. With their IoT platform, they create use cases in a wide variety of areas. Rockethome specializes in integrated IoT solutions for device control and automation, but also for monitoring and optimizing energy flows in buildings through decentralized energy management, real-time monitoring for security systems, tenant portals, tenant flows or intelligent charging management for electric vehicles.

Rysta GmbH – Protects building fabric and creates a good indoor climate

Sensor technology combined with intelligent algorithms involving users, with this hardware and software solution, the Berlin start-up Rysta supports the housing industry. With the Rysta Schimmel Guard solution, Rysta has developed a tool that analyzes indoor air, prepares data and makes it available via a portal. This helps to improve the indoor climate and to avoid mould growth in both new and existing buildings. Thus they protect the health of the inhabitants just like the building fabric of buildings.

ESENTA GmbH – Digitalized key for building access

Esenta, a start-up company based in Kappelrodeck in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, uses its digital solution to give visitors access to buildings via smartphone. Visitors can use an authentication procedure to enter a building for a certain period of time. Control is possible from a distance. Esentas access and communication solution is a smart home application that can be used for various applications.

METR GmbH – IoT infrastructure for the management of residential real estate

With its multifunctional gateway, the Berlin-based start-up METR provides the basis for a manufacturer-independent, secure and universally applicable IoT infrastructure in networked buildings. METR focuses on the housing industry and prepares applications for housing associations and administrators based on digital solutions. These include, for example, networked smoke detectors, submetering, intelligent heating control and other services. With its hardware platform, METR creates the prerequisites for interconnectivity and the bundling of the various digital products and services.

vilisto – Self-learning radiator thermostats for smart non-residential buildings

The KI-based, self-learning and fully automatic radiator thermostat of the Hamburg start-up vilisto ensures a demand-oriented and efficient heat supply in office and commercial buildings. It uses room and presence sensors, integrates weather data and decodes the usage behaviour as well as various building parameters individually for each room. This has been proven to achieve energy savings of up to 32 percent. Vilisto’s self-learning system consists of the radiator thermostat ovis and an intelligent gateway shepherd.

Solarimo GmbH – Tenant flow from solar systems for rental properties

As a full-service provider, the Berlin start-up Solarimo plans and implements tenant power projects on the roofs of rental properties. But the start-up is not only active as a planner and project planner of PV systems. In fact, Solarimo takes care of all aspects of operation, maintenance and service. They sell the generated electricity to the tenants of residential buildings who draw their electricity directly from the roof of the residential building. Investors and property owners also benefit from the increased attractiveness of the buildings and from participation options. Solarimo is thus bringing about the energy revolution in cities by exploiting the potential of roof areas for solar power generation.