Nekonata XR Technologies is startup of the week 35: We virtualize mobility, safety, training

IT & ICT, Mobility

Nekonata XR Technologies is an european tech venture performing in the field of automotive retail & testing. The company develops the worlds first mixed reality testdrive system using real vehicles. The technology supports Marketing, Sales and R&D Executives on their way to autonomous driving. Lukas Stranger, CEO of Nekonata XR Technologies, takes us along his startup journey and explains how this technology will be applied in the automotive industry.

Hi Lukas, thank you for taking us on your journey. As mentioned in the introduction, Nekonata XR Technlogies connects the real world with the virtual one. Can you describe in one sentence what your startup is doing?

Nekonata provides the world’s first mixed reality showcase and test-drive system using real vehicles, supporting Sales, Marketing and R&D Executives on their way to autonomous driving.

That sounds very innovative. How can sales and marketing managers as well as customers benefit from your XR technology?

Our technology is tackling challenges occurring within the sales cycle at dealerships, tradeshows or launch events, which usually do not allow an initial interaction with the presented car. Lecatex supports Sales & Marketing Managers to convey the car’s brand story as well as its technical features like advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) into interactive mixed reality driving experiences, easily understandable for consumers. For Sales & Marketing Executives, Lecatex is a simple tool supporting in the negotiation and explanation process with customers, if and which assistance system or engine power should be considered and fits best to them. Due to the high realistic environment, R&D centers use the technology to test human factor interactions. The technology is designed to be installed in the dealerships car’s, waiting for its potential buyers to show what it has to offer regarding ADAS, features and performance.

The potential buyer simply steps into the car, equipped with the Nekonata Sensor-System, allowing to transfer real world inputs into virtual world outputs, puts on our unique mixed reality glasses showing a virtual world outside the car and enjoy its interactive virtual guided tour through the cars assistance systems and learns how they were operated. The vehicle is placed on small turntables to ensure an appropriate rotation of the steering wheel when driving in mixed reality.

With your XR technology, customers can gain insight into the inner workings of a vehicle and get a deeper feeling of new technology. Would you say that these impressions are realy strong sales arguments for your customers?

The technology allows to showcase potential buyer’s new vehicle technologies appropriately and in a way that was not possible until now. Today, cars, trucks and motorcycles become safer every day. Unfortunately, for Sales and Marketing Executives, it is nearly impossible to demonstrate and sell these technologies easily leading to decreasing revenues on newly developed ADAS.
With our solution, we make these systems transparent for potential buyers while supporting sales and marketing on their customers journey.

The technology and the solution approach is one side of the coin, to earn money the other one. Can you tell us what is your business model about?

Our business model is based on the license of the interactive guided mixed reality showcase experiences to dealerships and car manufacturers + a success fee on every ADAS sold with the technology.

As a startup from Austria, which is your market focus and which target groups do you like to adress your solutions?

Our target audience is primary the automotive industry in specific its manufacturers, R&D centers and dealerships.
Nekonata XR Technologies operates internationally, as we already serve customers in Austria, Switzerland and Germany.
With over 200 car manufacturing companies and over 300.000 Dealerships worldwide, we face a huge market potential for a comprehensive technology-rollout.

This leads to my last question: What phase of implementation are you currently in?

We are currently conducting further proof of concepts with our latest software-update to gain further market feedback and fit. We furthermore are closing our first financing round – so far, the company is 100% bootstrapped due to successful customer projects in our early days such as with Mercedes Austria.

Thanks a lot, Lukas, for the exciting insights into your startup. This gives us a pretty good idea of how XR technologies will be applied in the future. We wish you good luck with your market and technologie roll-out. We will keep carefully an eye on your further developments. At the moment you are looking for an investment. Anyone who wants to learn more about you and your product Lecatex finds more information on your Energyloft Profile and your Request as well as your contact infos.