Fincite is the startup of the week 46: best-in-class wealthmanagement software

Banking & Finance, IT & ICT

If you have ever wanted to invest money, you probably know how complicated and time-consuming the whole process is. However, this is not only the case for customers, but also for financial institutes. To help the banks (and ultimately the customer), our startup of the week, Fincite, has developed a software solution that enables financial service providers to realize new models and innovations faster. We sat down with Christian Paulus, their Marketing Director, to learn more about Fincite, as well as their values and goals.


Hello Christian! Thank you for taking the time for this interview today. Let’s start right with our first question: How would you pitch Fincite?

In a world in which it is becoming more and more expensive for financial institutions to offer analogue investment advice and asset management, we enable banks, asset management companies and insurance companies to offer their customers digital or digitally supported, i.e. hybrid, services.

To do that, you developed your own software, right? What can the user do with this software?

Exactly. Our Fincite.CIOS software enables financial service providers to do three main things. All accounts, assets, investment objectives and restrictions can be recorded in a 360° profile. We then use this data to generate insights and impulses about the client for the bank.
In addition, the financial institution can create and manage highly individualized portfolios. These portfolios match to the preferences, objectives and constraints of the client, as well as the investment guidelines of the bank.

That sounds very extensive. What is the advantage of Fincite.CIOS over other software systems?

Our software enables financial service providers to quickly roll out new service models and innovations in the field of investment, to digitize them and to make them more customer-centric. Today, many financial institutions are unable to do this, because important steps are not supported by software or only take place in rigid legacy systems.

With Fincite.CIOS we cover a wide range of investment processes. This ranges from financial analysis and consulting to investment brokerage and asset management. For institutional clients, CIOS can even be used for fund construction.

We have thus developed the world’s first connected investment software that combines three previously isolated software systems of a financial service provider. These three software systems are financial homes, consulting processes and portfolio management systems. While the software of the financial home (i) is still new, there are many rather simple software solutions for consulting processes (ii). Often isolated from these systems, banks have their (iii) portfolio management systems. These often still come from a world where advisors and asset managers have placed more emphasis on the analysis of individual stocks than on the client.

This not only provides valuable information about customers, but also shortens most processes for financial service providers. What does your business model look like?

CIOS is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). In addition, we also offer our customers configuration services. This is done together with our partners.

You’ve already briefly touched on your target groups. Could you give us a more in-depth explanation of what your target market looks like?

Yeah, sure! On the one hand, our target groups are financial service providers, i.e. direct banks, financial product distributors, private banks and institutional asset managers.
On the other hand, i.e. the company level, they are usually managers responsible for sales or processes in the areas of consulting, securities, asset management, fund sales and so on.We concentrate mainly on the DACH, BENELUX and NORDICS markets.

Does this mean that you are now also internationally represented in the market? Any plans to develop your product any further?

Yes. We are already active in many European countries and our customers include major retail banks as well as renowned private banks and sales organisations. Our aim is to further expand internationalisation in Europe, while consistently increasing our market share in our home market of Germany.

On the product side, we have recently added the topic of sustainable investments to our software. The desire of many consumers for a sustainable lifestyle is increasingly reflected in their investments, which is why it was important for us to expand our software accordingly.

Christian, that brings us to the end of this interview. Thank you very much for your time and this interesting conversation! We hope to keep hearing a lot from you! Those who are interested in further information about you and your products can have a look at your Innoloft profile.