Komprenu is the Startup of the Week 50: Innovative Software for Energy Monitoring and Condition Monitoring

Energy Efficiency and Environment, IT & ICT

When it comes to saving resources, you can fall back on many software solutions that measure the consumption of equipment and machines. However, a company uses equipment from different manufacturers that needs to be monitored. Therefore there are often compatibility problems. In order to make energy monitoring and condition monitoring more transparent, our startup of the week, Komprenu, has developed a software solution that makes it much easier to view data and find potential savings. We sat down with Rolf-Dieter Clavery, CEO of Komprenu, to discuss the solutions and technologies in detail.

Hello Rolf-Dieter! I’m glad you have time to answer a few questions! Let’s dive straight in. What are you doing at Komprenu?

At Komprenu we are committed to making resource conservation easy. For this purpose, we develop our manufacturer-independent Katmai platform. The platform records data for energy management, condition monitoring or building data. The data is visualized and the savings potential can be optimally exploited with the help of machine learning.

That sounds like an exciting idea! The visualization aspect in particular makes it easier for users to quickly understand the data and take appropriate action. What technology is behind it?

The data is collected from the measuring devices in a company and transmitted to our server via a small connector and a secure connection. There, the data is processed and subjected to analysis. The configuration and the visualization, which can be designed by the user, take place via a pure web interface. This means that the application can be operated and used on any device, from a mobile device to a desktop PC.

In most cases, the measurement structures in companies have grown over time. It is therefore likely that different measuring devices and/or platforms have come together. We can use different data sources and also merge data from several portals of different manufacturers or energy suppliers into one database. The energy manager in a company no longer has to manually check different sources for a monthly report, and thus gets more time to take care of the optimization issue.

But energy monitoring is nothing new anymore. After all, there are many young companies that take up this challenge. What makes you stand out?

Our software makes the consumption of resources transparent: where is how much of which resource consumed and when. Other EM systems do the same. However, we go further and offer to look into the machine with extended sensor technology and to record status data there as well, which can then be related to the consumption data. This makes it possible to form key figures, down to a single piece in series production. Once these figures have been determined, they can also be used to calculate the energy consumption for the planned production. In addition, the energy consumption can be optimized and/or the energy can be purchased on the spot market.

That sounds like a good showcase! Do you sell your software as part of a Software-as-a-Service model?

Our software is still in a state of flux and is constantly being expanded. Therefore, we currently only offer it as a service, which we operate in a German computer center certified according to ISO 27001. In the foreseeable future, however, it will also be available as an “On Premises” solution.

We charge a monthly flat rate for the service and an amount per measured value. This makes the costs manageable and affordable even for small businesses.

Saving resources is a process that takes some time and is carried out in different steps. We would like to accompany this process. In addition to our software, we also offer support in planning the measuring points, together with the energy manager or an energy consultant, the configuration and setup of the visualization. In addition, we help with the interpretation of the collected data.

We are also happy to create software for individual projects as a service. Together we have more than half a century of experience in the development of software for industrial processes in various industries. We are happy to bring this knowledge to our customers!

Which target group do you want to reach with your product? And on which markets do you already operate?

Now at the beginning, our target group is the plastics processing industry. Here there is a savings potential of up to 50 %. Even in smaller companies, costs can be saved every year in the amount of the price of a privatly-owned apartment. Ok, we are not talking about the size of the apartment here… However, we do not limit ourselves to this, but offer our services to companies of any industry!

Especially suppliers for larger companies will have to face the challenge of climate neutrality. Here the saving of energy, as preparation, is a must.

The finiteness of resources does not stop at German borders. This also applies to Europe and the rest of the world. Even if we first address companies predominantly in Germany, the web platform offers a location- and country-independent possibility to offer the services.

You mentioned earlier that you want to further develop your software. Where are you standing right now with Komprenu and your Katmai platform?

Our platform is ready to collect and visualize data and is looking for pilot customers. We are currently working to implement the remaining items on the BAFA list and to be classified as eligible energy management software. This should be the case in Q1/2020. In parallel, we are planning the next steps towards condition monitoring and machine learning.

Rolf-Dieter, thank you very much for this exciting interview! We wish you continued success in expanding your product and look forward to seeing how Komprenu will develop!

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