Climedo Health is the Startup of the Week 3: Accelerating Clinical Research

Health & FoodTech, IT & ICT

Innovation in the health sector has many faces. To accelerate medical innovation, it is necessary to collaborate between different partners like Pharma companies, hospitals and patients. Climedo, our startup of the week offers a smart digital assistant that supports various stakeholders in the efficient and safe execution of studies, e.g. regarding new cancer treatments. We spoke to Catherine Higginson, Marketing Manager at Climedo Health, to find out more about their innovative idea.

Hey Catherine, thank you for taking the time today! Let’s dive straight into this interview. How would you pitch Climedo in one sentence?

Thank you for having me! Climedo’s mission is to bring the best treatment to every patient by empowering healthcare professionals with intelligent software solutions.

That is quite a big mission! What does that software solution look like in detail?

Climedo is a cloud-based platform consisting of three core elements: two integrated databases (a digital patient file, as well as a biodatabase) and the main module, which enables the execution of a large number of studies. It is available for laptop/PC as well as on a tablet or smartphone. This allows sponsors, physicians and medical professionals to access all relevant study data in a central, holistic solution, yet still tailored to their individual needs. The intuitive and flexible study design allows for cost-efficient execution of mono- and multi-center studies. Parameters can be validated and analyzed in real time. We use technologies that are particularly suitable for the processing of unstructured data – which we believe is a must-have in the healthcare sector. This data becomes available in an intuitive and comfortable user interface, so that even complex relationships can be displayed quickly and comprehensively. In order to guarantee the highest level of data and information security, our servers are located exclusively in Germany and are certified according to relevant industry standards.

What added value do your products generate that other existing solutions do not have?

Clinical trials usually involve several parties located at different sites (e.g. industrial partners, CROs, hospitals, patients, etc.). Parties tend to work with completely disconnected systems. In addition to that over 50% of all clinical studies are still conducted on paper or using spreadsheets. In light of the healthcare sector’s digital transformation and several new EU regulations awaiting us, this is no longer a realistic or sustainable solution. Bringing all data and results together costs a lot of time and money, which could instead flow into patient treatment. This is where Climedo comes in. We seamlessly connect all parties within a cloud-based system and enable the structured collection and management of all study-related data. Patients can also enter information, such as the efficacy of a drug or the satisfaction with an inserted implant, without any special IT knowledge via email or SMS. That means they do not need to visit study sites as often, saving both them and the physicians valuable time. Unlike existing solutions, Climedo is 100% user-oriented and connects all parties in a holistic system.

Especially the integration of patients sounds really helpful and time-saving! Do you offer your software as a service?

Yes, exactly! We have a SaaS model. It consists of a one-time set-up fee and a flexible monthly usage fee, depending on the scope of the study and the product portfolio.

Who do you address with Climedo Health? And which countries are you targeting?

Our target customers are medical device manufacturers, pharma companies, contract research organizations (CROs) as well as hospitals and academia. Currently, we are mostly active in the DACH region and in the coming year we would like to expand into additional EU countries. Furthermore, some of our Germany-based studies are already rolling out internationally, including in the USA.

So you are already established on the market and now in the process of expanding your start-up?

Yes! Our product is available on an international level and several industry and academic partners already use it. We recently secured a 7-digit finance round which will enable us to further grow our team, expand internationally and continue driving our software development to make clinical validation more efficient for our clients.

That sounds very exciting! Catherine, thank you for this interview! We hope to hear a lot more from you and wish you continued success! Those who are interested in your products or a cooperation with, can have a look at your Innoloft profile and your request for further information.