SOLARIMO is the startup of the week 2: New energy for cities

Energy Efficiency and Environment, Energy Market & Trading, Energy Supply

The consequences of climate change are already very noticable. Fortunately, in Germany we have not yet been affected by natural disasters such as floods or severe forest fires. Nevertheless, we too must transform our behaviour to be more sustainable. Photovoltaics and green electricity are popular solutions to curb the production of CO2. However, the planning and construction of such a system is often complicated and daunting. Our start-up of the week, SOLARIMO takes care of exactly this case. We discussed what this looks like in detail with Sebastian Lammers, project developer at SOLARIMO.

Hi, Sebastian! Thanks for taking time for us today. We are very much looking forward to getting to know SOLARIMO better. So would you give us a little pitch right now about what you do at SOLARIMO?

Sure! SOLARIMO plans, builds and operates photovoltaic systems on rental properties. This generates the so-called tenant electricity with which we give the tenants access to the cheap green electricity from their own roof. In this way we contribute to a sustainable energy supply.

That sounds very exciting! What exactly does the concept behind it look like?

As already mentioned, we build and plan photovoltaic systems on apartment buildings and offer the sustainably generated electricity to the tenants. The building owners benefit from a sustainable and social upgrading of their properties. The entire construction process is carried out and accompanied by us with local installers. This implementation of a tenant electricity project is possible with our model for new and existing properties. We also implement projects with battery storage units and charging points for electric vehicles.

At present, there are many new companies with the idea of installing photovoltaic systems on real estate and thus generating green electricity. What added value do you generate with SOLARIMO that your competitors do not offer?

We offer our customers a complete tenant electricity package. Here we take over the consulting, planning, financing and installation of the system. In addition, we take care of the entire process, including marketing and selling the electricity to the tenants. The tenants receive the complete power supply from us at a price at least 10% below the basic supply tariff. They can thus participate in and benefit from the energy turnaround. By installing photovoltaic systems, building owners contribute to the energy turnaround in urban areas and ensure a local and climate-friendly energy supply.

I see. What does your pricing model look like?

Our business model is simple: we offer tenants a low-cost and ecological electricity tariff and try to produce the majority of the electricity on their own roof. At the same time, our B2B customers gain an advantage by being able to position themselves sustainably. We generate our income from selling electricity to the tenants and from the remuneration for feeding the remaining electricity into the grid.

Until now you have named the B2B sector as one of your customer segments. Do you target your product only at B2B customers? Could you be more specific about your target groups??

Our customer group can be divided into the B2B and B2C market. B2B are the building owners. This would include, for example, cooperatives, housing construction companies as well as project developers and municipalities. Currently we are only active nationally.

Finally, we would like to know in which development phase SOLARIMO is currently in. What are your future goals, especially in 2020?

SOLARIMO has been on the market for 2 years and has already implemented more than 3200 Kwp in energy in over 35 projects. At present, several follow-up orders are already on hold in various cooperatives, so that we look forward to the next fiscal year with confidence and optimism. As we are a corporate start-up of the Engie Group, we are not dependent on external financing next year.

Sebastian, thank you very much for this exciting and detailed interview. We wish you every success for the further development of SOLARIMO. If you would like to support you in this, please take a look at your Innoloft profile.