Blue Boson is the Startup of the Week 10: cleaning water and gas on a supramolecular level


Especially in industrial sectors, a lot of water is contaminated. However, most solutions use chemicals to clean water. This week’s startup of the week developed a solution for non-chemical water treatment. Blue Boson’s technology removes existing incrustations, deposits and corrosion. Moreover their environmentally friendly solution prolongs the projected lifetime of the systems. We talked to Robert Zagozdzon, CEO of Blue Boson, to find out more.

Hey Robert, nice to meet you! Let’s dive straight in: How would you describe Blue Boson in one sentence?

Hey Innoloft! It would sound like this: Sustainable tech solutions which deliver a double-digit reduction of your electricity, heating and cooling costs through the treatment of water, steam and any other liquid or gaseous media.

What technology do you use to help with that?

So, in more basic terms we clean water without any chemicals. That is possible with our patented products called SCAT® and SCAT REXCIT®. They are hydraulic flow modules which consist of inlet and outlet sections. Furthermore they have an ionizing and a polarizing chamber. The patented methodology of our devices ensures the treatment of the supramolecular structure of water, as well as other liquid and gaseous media at three levels – physical, chemical and energetic.

The gist of the technology is to achieve intra- and intermolecular changes in energy and forces in two stages. Our device can be equipped with a sediment discharge outlet and air bleeding orifice for capturing various substances, air, gas and liquids of different specific gravity.

What added value do your products generate and what is their unique selling proposition?

The SCAT® and SCAT REXCIT® devices are designed and manufactured to suit the needs of your particular technology and the required source of heating/cooling. It will be tailored to the size and specific requirements of your technology. Pipelines are modified as necessary at the designated places to allow the installation of the devices. The devices are fully automatic and suitable for autonomous around-the-clock operations.

The SCAT® and SCAT REXCIT® have many advantages in e.g. the reduction of fuel consumption and greenhouse gases, as well as extending the life cycle of the whole system.

What business model do you use?

We provide ESCO model solutions, as well as rent and sales of equipment. Our money back cycle is 3 to 12 months – based on a shared savings business model. We provide upgrades and our equipment requires zero maintenance.

Since your solution offers many different advantages, are you also targeting many different markets?

Yes, we address several different markets. One could use our technology in the sectors of for example drinking water treatment, energy and heat production and in chemical plants. In addition to those, we also address the heating, cooling and steam base production, as well as the remediation of lakes and rivers.

We develop solutions for fuel efficiency, water contamination and sanitation, mining, and agriculture. Our technology brings yearly a saving of about 100 billion euro without any investment and additional cost generating just in the EU industry.

Where do you stand with Blue Boson at the moment?

Our environmentally-friendly devices SCAT® and SCAT REXCIT® are the outcome of more than twenty years of development, testing and application at dozens of installations in various types of industries. We are based in central Europe and preparing to scale into global marketplace. Currently we are seeking financial and management cooperation for international expansion and new applications development. We have installations in Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Austria and clients which want to use our services all over the word. Our commercial installations in central Europe can be visited when provided with auditing documentation.

Robert, thank you very much for this super insightful interview! We are looking forward to see Blue Boson evolve further.

To find out more about Blue Boson, check out their Innoloft profile!