Motius GmbH is the Startup of the Week 12: Technologies and products of the future


We live in a world with many changes and emerging technologies. But which technology will help me best in product development? What should I base my solution on? Our Startup of the Week Motius answers these questions. They specialize in new technologies and use them to realize projects in a wide variety of areas. Johannes Hussak, Technical Executive at Motius explained to us exactly how this works.

Hello Johannes! I’m glad you’re here today. We’ll start with a quick question. In one sentence: What is Motius doing?

Motius is an R&D company that specializes in new technologies and develops innovative products and prototypes.

That sounds very exciting. Could you tell us a little bit more about the use of these new technologies?

We use the latest technologies to develop innovative products and prototypes for our customers. Due to our broad tech expertise, the solutions we develop are used in a wide range of application areas: from medical technology to the automotive industry, from autonomous driving to smart cities. Due to our user-centric approach we do not simply rely on buzzwords and short-term trend technologies. Instead, we always find the technologies that help our customers best. Whether artificial intelligence, AR/VR, data science, additive manufacturing or robotics: we always know what’s right.

So you work with a variety of technologies. Is that the advantage of Motius?

Yes. The tech world is constantly changing, changing faster than ever before. This is a challenge for any company, as it forces them to constantly take into account the latest developments and build up extensive expertise. Motius exists to solve this problem – with our tech expertise we serve the innovation needs of our customers. We work directly at the pulse of tech trends and help shape them as technology experts.

We achieve this through our fluid structure, which we achieve by mixing our interdisciplinary talent pool of over 800 tech talents and experienced technology and management hubs. Using a specially developed, AI-based system, we automatically identify the best possible candidates from our community for a wide range of project roles. This allows us to always involve the appropriate experts in the project – and remain specialized in the latest technologies in each tech cycle.

How do you incorporate all this into a business model?

We accompany our customers on the complete path from the idea to the proof of concept and product rollout. We offer all services around this process: starting with consulting and Design Thinking Workshops, through the development of first prototypes and MVPs to the market launch. This wide range of services enables us to always meet the needs of our customers. We work with agile work contracts, i.e. there are clearly defined goals on the basis of which the final invoice is drawn up. This enables us to react flexibly to new developments or circumstances even during a project and guarantee the best possible result.

You have already mentioned your customers, who come from many different industries. Do you therefore address different markets?

In general, we focus on the application of new technologies. In this context, it is of secondary importance to us how precisely the customer is defined: from hidden champions in medium-sized businesses to world-famous companies, international organizations and governments. We help our customers to apply the latest technologies in a meaningful, innovative way. With our offices in Munich, Stuttgart and Dubai, we are currently mainly active in the European and Arabic regions. However, we are constantly expanding.

This brings us to the last question: Where do you currently stand with the development of Motius? I’m sure you’ve been working hard on it since its founding.

We are now entering our seventh year with Motius. In this time we have developed enormously, have matured from a small development company to an established startup in Germany. We have been among the fastest-growing startups in Germany for years – and that until the end of 2019 as a bootstrapped company. To illustrate this: within the last year alone, we had to expand our headquarters in Munich three times in order to cope with our growth. As already mentioned, our references are a cross-section of the various economic sectors and types of companies. We are extremely proud of this. We want to become the best place for Techies and enable them to change the world through their work – with the latest technologies and the most innovative products.

Johannes, thank you very much for the exciting interview! We wish you continued success and hope to hear much more from you.

If you are interested in more information about Motius, please take a look at their Innoloft profile.