BOX ID Systems is the Startup of the Week 19: Localization for mobile assets within the supply chain

Industry 4.0 & Logistics

Logistic processes are highly complex and precisely coordinated. Nevertheless, a lot of things go wrong if you can’t find out exactly where something is located. Then it can quickly become very expensive. However, our Startup of the Week BOX ID Systems can help. Their solution tracks assets from the entire supply chain. This not only creates transparency, but also saves costs. We spoke to Shawn Silberhorn, one of the co-founders, about this.

Hello, Shawn! Thanks for answering our questions today. Let’s start with the first question right away. What do you do at BOX ID Systems?

Firstly, BOX ID Systems provides end-to-end tracking solutions that enable millions of logistics assets to be tracked throughout the industrial supply chain. All over Europe, digitally and cost-efficiently. We are able to do this site-to-site, on company premises and within buildings.

What technology is behind it?

The system is a complete solution that contains many valuable functions. Behind it there is a specialized software platform and LPWAN sensory tracking devices. Efficient management, including functions to support automation and process optimization, make the whole thing complete. For example, customers from industry and automotive production benefit from the fact that their logistics processes are more efficient and cost-optimised. Moreover, their critical processes are 100% transparent.

What is special about your product?

The entire processes are simplified, optimized and less prone to errors. Losses of containers and load carriers are avoided and it is easier to allocate damage to its originators.

Other advantages include the elimination of manual search times and recording times through automated tracking and data acquisition. The tracking and booking of goods along the supply chain works automatic. Furthermore, with the software customers can monitor and optimize the entire supply chain.

Do you base your business model on the classic SaaS model?

Yes. We offer an end-to-end solution as Solution-as-a-Service. This consists of hardware, connectivity and cloud software. For correspondingly large customers, pure software licensing is also provided as Software-as-a-Service.

Where are your customers operating? And who do you want to reach?

We supply Europe-wide production customers. Likewise we operate internationally, too. A high focus is placed on production logistics, where reusable containers/packaging are used in a logistics pool.

What stage of development are you in at the moment?

We have already completed many interesting projects with well-known customers. With the new version of our intelligent software, we merge the data of thousands of LPWAN tracking sensors with the customer’s data sources. To put it shortly: Our entire product range has the goal to be as user-friendly as possible.

“In a joint project with BOX ID Systems GmbH, we were able to optimize the cost of operating shuttle packaging in a Siemens unit by introducing the asset tracking and monitoring solution from BOX-ID. Thanks to the newly gained transparency of the inventory along the entire supply chain, we now detect irregularities in the process. Furthermore that increases the return rate and avoids the constant purchase of new shuttle packaging.  Thus we ensure the supply of customers. In addition to cost savings, this also leads to higher customer satisfaction,” says Ralf Dupal, Senior Consultant Production &Ampel; Logistics at Siemens IoT Services Consulting.

Shawn, I’m afraid that brings us to the end of the interview. Thank you for the exciting interview! We wish you continued success and hope to hear a lot more from you. If someone wants to learn more about BOX-ID Systems, they can have a look at the profile and requests on our innovation platform.