cAPPabilities is the Startup of the Week 22: Converting strategies into action

Energy & Environment

Within a challenging business environment, companies adapt their strategy, enter new markets or change their corporate culture. In order to actually implement these changes, employees and the entire organization must behave according to the new framework. Employees need to have the opportunity to develop their skills. Unfortunately, this is often still very complex. Our Startup of the Week offers a systematic approach that can be easily applied and in the long term. To learn more, we talked to the co-founder of cappabilities, Ralf Bilke.

Hello Ralf! Thanks for answering our questions today! Could you introduce cappabilities in one sentence?

cappabilities offers systematic skill development via an AI-supported app combined with fresh training and consulting formats.

What is your aim with this? And with which method do you want to achieve it?

We want to completely personalize and scale the development of skills such as creativity, communication or collaboration.

The basis is our unique learning approach, which confronts users with the actual challenges of their everyday life and offers specific methods to master them. This is reflected in our training formats and especially in our app. With the help of an AI mechanism, an exercise program tailored to the user is created so that skills can be systematically trained – similar to fitness apps.

For companies and their employees, we create specific training programs to support users in developing skills. The goal is to completely automate the learning  process by using artificial intelligence.

What makes your approach so special?

New possibilities are unlocked for the users when their compentences and skills. For companies, this approach allows strategic plans to be systematically converted into the behaviour of employees. Innovative, agile or even efficient is then no longer just written on paper, but is lived in the company.

What sets us apart is the universal character of our approach. We can personalize and scale our services via an innovative app design, fresh didactic methods and AI. We are able to map different skills and develop the approach with each experience to constantly simplify the competence development and enhance the progress. This gradually allows us to scale into other content, target groups and industries.

How do you integrate the app and your other services into a business model?

In the B2B sector we have various sources of income. These include app licenses, consulting and training fees and white label offers.

At a later stage, we can market an app adapted for the B2C market via the app stores.

There are training offers for all conceivable industries. Do you focus on companies in a specific sector?

There are a wide range of applications for our product. We are initially starting in the energy industry with which we are familiar in order to support energy suppliers in their specific change journey. In the future, we plan to expand our offering to other topics and industries. We will also examine the B2C market entry.

The app’s general target group are individuals and companies who have recognized that the development of skills offers professional and personal added value. For companies, pressure for change (e.g. due to industry or technology) helps them to orient themselves in this direction.

Is your app ready for use yet?

Yes, the development of the web-based app has been completed and we have already conducted a number of trainings in the areas of innovation, communication and sustainability, among others. Currently we are fully focused on marketing, where we have already built up many positive leads and have entered into a cooperation with a management consultancy. In addition, we have already found international cooperation partners to further market the app.

We are also constantly developing our app and our formats. We are also looking for development partners and investors to create the basis for extensive scaling within and outside of Germany in the B2B and B2C sectors.

Ralf, I’m afraid we’ve come to the end of today. Thank you for the exciting interview! We wish you continued success, especially with the search for investors.

If anyone wants to learn more about cappabilities, you can find more information on cappabilities’ Innoloft profile.