OMNIA is the Startup of the Week 23: The plural of energy

Energy & Environment

Is it possible to successfully go through the energy market transition? How can the process be easier? Meeting the new challenges of energy reform is costly and daunting. There is so much to consider: Political processes and regulations, new business models, market integration and much more. The Startup of the Week OMNIA is a young consulting firm that specializes in these transformations. Managing Partner Andreas Pointvogl explained OMNIA’s special approach in more detail.

Hello Andreas! We are glad you are here today! Let’s start right away: How would you pitch OMNIA in one sentence?

OMNIA helps to manage far-reaching transition processes towards greater economic and ecological sustainability – on a small and large scale.

How does this work in detail?

We follow a very simple approach in what we do: “master, quantify, implement”. This, through our previous experience in application, leads us to work holistically in the few areas we call ours. Our claim is not only to be an expert in each sub-theme, but also to be able to implement it and to bring our partners up to the same level. This has an effect on our products, which benefit from our overall economic understanding as well as our detailed knowledge. While we use established IT solutions, we constantly encourage our customers to consider and implement new technologies.

What do you do differently or even better than traditional consulting firms?

We work both in very large contexts, such as sector reform programmes, as well as in small process steps that are necessary to implement a transition requirement. Our USP is that we go hand in hand with our partners through a crucial phase in their development and thus become part of the team. We work as and with a mixture of experts, development workers and politicians, which is unique on the market.

What is your business model?

We offer modern standard solutions in the field of quantifying and implementing structural transition processes. We specialise in the areas of energy system transformation and sustainable financing. At the moment we are developing a new standard for reporting and due diligence in the field of sustainable finance, which will help to meet future European requirements at an early stage and make our partners first-movers. Our business model is a new form of advisory service, which is characterized by a focus on our special topics, but also by a full-service attitude.

You have already mentioned your areas of expertise, namely topics such as energy system transformation and sustainable financing. Are you also active in the international field? Who are your clients?

Yes, exactly. We mainly operate internationally. Our clients are governments, international organisations, banks, state and private companies that are in a transition process, want to accompany or initiate it. Our potential target group are all institutions that are active in the energy sector or are committed to sustainability and are therefore very large. However, this is again limited by the fact that we only want to work with clients on a long-term basis and in partnership, i.e. not in a classic client-service provider relationship, which for many already requires adjustment.

What developments have you planned for the near future? And where do you currently stand?

We are standing very firmly on one foot in the field of transition in the energy environment and are currently rolling out our offering in the field of sustainable finance with strong partners, i.e. our second pillar. In the future we will tackle the areas of smart city and mobility services and roll out new service products there.

Andreas, thank you very much for the insightful interview. We wish you continued success in opening up to new areas!

If anyone wants to learn more about OMNIA, please visit their Innoloft profile.