Synertics is the startup of the week 27: Data-driven mobility solutions


Mobility is one of the big buzzwords of recent years. We need new mobility concepts if we want to build a sustainable yet efficient future. Data evaluation and data usage can help us to optimize processes in that sectore. Who takes care of such solutions? For example, Synertics, the startup of the week. Their CEO, Manuel Pessanha answered our questions in today’s interview.

Hello Manuel! Glad you could join us today. Let’s start with the first question: What do you do at Synertics?

At Synertics we develop digital and data-driven solutions for investors, operators and communities in the mobility industry to make location planning and fleet deployment more productive and economically efficient.

A fascinating topic. How do you implement it?

We offer platform solutions to increase the productivity and profitability of services and products in the mobility industry. To this end, data from various sources is actively collected, cleansed and evaluated. The results are then mapped onto the platform solutions we develop to provide users with insights that allow them to structure their processes more efficiently. This will enable locations to be evaluated more systematically, fleets to be deployed more purposefully and logistics teams to be more sensibly engaged.

Increasing efficiency in mobility is not necessarily a new topic. How do you approach it in relation to the ideas of other startups?

Compared to other solutions, which often only display descriptive data (e.g. battery levels, booking data), we offer solutions that specifically evaluate data, merge it with external databases and thus generate significant added value for the user by creating algorithms and applying AI methods. Thus, we offer an analytical tool that provides valuable insights by evaluating data.

What does your business model look like?

Our platform solutions are based on each other and have a modular structure. Therefore we set the prices according to functionality. The pricing model is subscription based.

You mentioned earlier that you are addressing investors, operators and communities in the mobility industry. The mobility industry comprises many individual sub-sectors. Do you design your solutions for all areas of mobility?

We devided the market for Synertics platform solutions into the following areas:
1. charging infrastructure (operators, investors and communities)
2. micro-mobility (operators and investors)
3. car sharing (operators and investors)
At the moment we are mainly operating in Germany, but plan to be present throughout Europe in the future.

How far have you progressed with your solutions? What are your plans for the second half of the year?

In 2019 we developed our beta version solution and tested it on the market through pilot projects. In addition, to test our solutions, we participated in our first Mobility Hackathon, in which we came second. Due to the positive feedback from the market, we officially founded the startup in early 2020. To further develop our technology, we are always looking for partners who are interested in increasing their productivity through data-driven approaches.

Manuel, thank you very much for the exciting interview! We wish you every success in your further company development and hope to hear a lot more from you. If anyone wants to support Manuel and Synertics: Please take a closer look at their Innoloft profile or contact them via our messenger.