Vimbee is the Startup of the Week 26: Connecting Powerful Relations


Where do you collect customer feedback on what a company receives in relation to its services? How do you get the most out of the opinions and suggestions? One thing is clear: you need an interface that allows you to evaluate consumer feedback and implement concrete measures. Vimbee, the startup of the week, has developed a platform to provide this interface. Today we are talking to CEO Ehsan Shirangi about Vimbee’s mission and capabilities.

Hello Ehsan! Thank you so much for taking time for us today. Let’s start right away with the first question: What is Vimbee?

Vimbee is a global network that helps companies leverage real-time and consumption-related information. They can also receive consumer opinions and requests for trend and market research and automatically generated recommendation marketing. Vimbee can thus become the world’s first and only prosumer network that turns consumers into valuable prosumers for businesses.

A fascinating topic! How exactly is your mission shaped in terms of the technology you use?

On the basis of our multidimensional structured data and software architecture, we create an independently growing system, with which we synergetically link and relate economically relevant information. The global economic system is mapped in digital form, which promotes real data mining innovation, growth and knowledge on a global level. With the help of our independent multi-sided platform, this data can be used to efficiently develop and market products based on real customer needs.

Companies have the opportunity to present their company and product structure, to become part of the network, to receive evaluations and statistics on consumption-related data and to participate in automatically generated recommendation marketing. Vimbee offers companies of all sizes the opportunity to efficiently gain trust and maximum reach for new customer acquisition based on each individual consumer interaction.

Consumers can easily find desired product and service information in terms of location, price, availability and quality and compare it with the opinions of others in seconds. In addition, it is possible to exert a lasting influence on companies by expressing one’s own opinion.

What do you do differently than tools that also collect feedback, for example?

We offer our users 5 great advantages. Firstly, we make it possible to communicate information in a targeted manner and to record it. In the process, companies can use the user-generated content commercially and transparently.

Secondly, all information is available in real-time and language-independent. This is a great advantage. Every company and every consumer can use Vimbee.

Furthermore, we are very proud of our own cloud structure. It reduces the amount of data to a minimum by allowing information about products and companies to be stored in the system only once, but linked as often as you like. Companies can use our platform to display their real-world relationships in a digital and scalable way.

The fourth advantage is the communication between consumer and company. They are given the opportunity to communicate on the basis of individual products or services. Customer opinions and behaviour can now be recorded easily and quickly. This is valuable information for sales promotion and for customer-oriented adaptation of the product portfolio.

The last advantage I would like to mention today is the increase in the reach of the companies. This works on the basis of consumer interaction. Within the platform, product placements are set by the earned content. Since communication can take place on the basis of individual products, it is not possible to devalue an entire company due to defects in a product.

Compared to all American or Chinese companies, we create a transparent and accessible open economy data for a successful circular economy of the global economic system. With our data architecture, we create big-smart data that belongs directly to consumers and companies and serves the public good.

You do not offer paid advertising within the platform. What pricing model do you use for Vimbee?

Revenues are mainly generated by the registered companies, which can set up and administer their company and product structure and thereby gain access to customer information. We have different packages.

As an entry opportunity, a Freemium Package allows companies to administer a maximum of 10 product profiles free of charge. The range of functions can only be extended by switching to one of the six fee-based packages, the main difference being the number of product or service profiles that can be administered. The offer ranges from 10 to a maximum of 1,000 profiles and is thus accessible to companies of all sizes.

Optionally, the packages can be extended with additional profiles. The basic package will cost 19.99 € per month. The planned price for the most extensive package is 799 € per month. The optional coverage increase through product placements and deals will be billed in the style of common affiliate systems. This gives companies the opportunity to limit costs from the outset by setting budgets.

For consumers, the use of the platform and the corresponding app will be free of charge.

You have already mentioned that Vimbee is suitable for businesses of all sizes. What market segments are you addressing exactly?

Based on the products offered, our business can be allocated to the following sub-segments: Online information procurement, reputation platforms, corporate communications (CRM), affiliate marketing, market and media research. It can be used by any company worldwide. Vimbee does not require critical mass as a platform and can be launched directly with the first customer or consumer. Because of the features I mentioned earlier, there is an extremely large market volume.

For business-to-business, we offer a cross-platform and product-based architecture that provides a central overview of all data that can be found in individual products and in retail.

At the same time, we provide the business-to-consumer sector with a direct product-related communication channel between consumers and manufacturers and offer a unique, multilingual data architecture with which all relevant information about consumers, their opinions and their consumer behavior can be structured and analyzed in real time. This is unique and at the same time without violating data protection regulations.

Is Vimbee already usable?

In the past 4 years the software has been developed so far that we are close to release. A beta version can already be demonstrated. The node system (software architecture and database) with all functions for back- and front-end is up to 80% ready.

Furthermore we have shown the demo app to customers and potential customers and their feedback has been very positive. After they recognized the centralized and clear structure, they were very interested and asked for updates for the implementation. We are also working on new features like shops, deals, chat functions, statistics and evaluations.

Ehsan, many thanks for this exciting interview! We wish you continued success for the launch of Vimbee and hope to hear a lot more from you!

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