Sourc-e GmbH is the Startup of the Week 44: Optimise print purchasing


Ordering printed products is often a laborious matter. Not only for the end customer, but also for the printers. Now there is a solution that offers many advantages for both sides. Our Startup of the Week sourc-e digitalises processes in the field of print products. Lucas Scherer explains in an interview how exactly sourc-e optimises print purchasing.

Hello Lucas! Thanks for answering our questions today. Let’s start right away with the first question. Who is sourc-e?

sourc-e offers a platform that digitises the purchase of individual print products and enables print costing in seconds, making processes easier and more efficient for both printers and buyers.

Do you use an algorithm for this? 

Exactly! We digitise the print purchasing process using a unique algorithm. The basis for the intelligent calculation is machine data and the associated cost rates of high-performance printing companies.

What advantages does sourc-e offer?

Sourc-e maps the strategic and operational purchasing process from tendering to print production on one platform. Sourc-e brings together buyers and printers on one platform. The price calculation data is based on current machine data, which is automatically compared with the customer’s print requirements. The prices are calculated within seconds. Customers can integrate their own printers into the system and actively influence price benchmarks for tenders. For printers and print buyers, this simplifies and streamlines the processes involved in tendering and handling print jobs. As a technology supplier, sourc-e provides companies not only with the calculation solution but also with various shop systems that we design individually according to the customer’s requirements. No matter what solution the customer wants, the tendering process becomes more efficient and easier.

New revenue potential is created for printers because the procurement process is covered by the sourc-e platform and all technological framework data is stored.  Sourc-e brings together supply and demand, so that all parties involved save time, money and resources.  In doing so, sourc-e not only uses technology, but also provides customers with experts who have extensive know-how in the printing industry. In this way, sourc-e’s customers receive the best possible advice in all matters.

How do you generate revenue from this?

Generally, we charge a licence fee for the use of the print intelligence platform and the individual shop solutions of sourc-e docked to it. In addition, our specialists can also process complete orders directly. For this direct print procurement sourc-e charges a processing fee.

You just mentioned a few potential customers, such as printers. Which market segments are you addressing exactly?

We address both suppliers and buyers of print products in medium-sized companies who want to have their print products produced quickly and efficiently without having to go through long tendering procedures. The topic of internationalisation is on the agenda and is to be further expanded and rolled out on the platform side.

Is your platform already usable?

Yes, with cloud-based software solutions such as the Print Intelligence platform, sourc-e has launched an efficient purchasing and distribution tool that is used efficiently by companies like Vaillant and Dunlop as well as by publishers and printers.

Lucas, that brings us to the end of our interviews. Many thanks for these exciting insights. Of course we wish you continued success for the future.

If you would like to learn more about sourc-e, please have a look at the corresponding Innoloft profile.