AmbeRoad is the Startup of Week 46: Experts for handling company data


“Say, where can I find that document from the meeting last week?” – Everybody knows this sentence. Especially when things have to be done quickly, you get lost in some folders and can’t find what you’re looking for. Now there is a solution: Our Startup of the Week ambeRoad has taken up the problem and developed special software that elegantly solves this problem. So that the employees finally find the data that they are looking for. How exactly does all this work? We spoke to Philipp Reißel, CEO of ambeRoad, about this.

Hello Philip! Thanks for taking the time for us today. What exactly is ambeRoad?

With our Enterprise Business Search Engine we can make hard-to-find company data easily accessible!

You use artificial intelligence for that, right? Which functions does your product offer exactly?

Exactly! Our product is a SaaS software, which can be used by companies to create added value. Our software ambeRise searches all company data for a specific search term. The user enters a search query into an intuitively designed search mask and receives the results from our software. In the background, we have a series of processes which search all internal company data sources with the help of artificial intelligence (Natural Language Processing, NLP). ambeRise places itself in front of the company’s data; i.e. one of the great advantages of ambeRise is that the data structure does not have to be changed.

In addition, existing access rights are respected and our NLP model intelligently extends the search query. ambeRise searches document titles, as well as the document contents of all authenticated documents for the extended search query. Finally, ambeRise intelligently sorts the results obtained according to relevance, whereby this is a continuous learning process. Since we function as an individual solution and thus avoid the costly and complex way of implementing a complete solution, our system is ready for use much faster.

What is the exact use case for such software? Why is your product useful?

Users of our software find documents and data in your company much faster than you would without our search engine. Everyone who has ever worked in a company probably knows it: You are looking for documents that you don’t need every day, you are looking for documents that you have worked on a long time ago, but you don’t know the exact wording for the search query anymore. Most conventional search engines fail to find these documents.

The next step of the search is the tedious clicking through all folders in complex server structures. Sometimes you are lucky and find the document, sometimes you are unlucky and have to fill in a document again or have to ask colleagues and additionally take up their time. The reason for the tedious search? Documents have not been saved according to the corresponding specifications, documents are saved in the wrong folders and servers or you do not know the corresponding keywords.

The added value of our product is clear: A search query in ambeRise and we find the document you are looking for! Thanks to our intelligent extension through the NLP model, ambeRise can also find documents if the user no longer knows exactly what keywords he is looking for. It thinks along with you. Even if colleagues are temporarily absent due to illness, quarantine, holidays, etc., the loss of knowledge can be compensated. Accordingly, the employees save a lot of time. They can use their time more effectively and with added value for the company.

How do companies pay for this?

Our business model is based on a pay-per-employee model. We charge a small monthly fee for each employee who uses our tool. This allows companies to plan their costs. A second product of ours, the amberAtlas, is an intelligent business directory. Companies can contact us for the purpose of sales optimisation, market characteristics or competitor analysis and we search live for all publicly available data on parameters specified by the customer. For us, a yellow pages directory is not just a simple extract from a database built up over years, but a daily updated list with all available information.

For whom is ambeRise suitable?

We address the B2B market. The industry is of secondary importance to us, as we retrain our Natural Language Processing model for each industry, so that corresponding technical terms do not pose a problem when searching. We tend to see the application area of ambeRise primarily in medium to large companies, as these companies have the corresponding data volumes. At the moment we operate in the DACH area, but in the medium term we would like to enter the international market.

Are you already present in the market?

We went through our proof of concept in the context of the KISS42 Challenge of the RAG AG. At RAG AG ambeRise will go into daily operation in the next few weeks. In addition, we were able to win the Digital Info Management Challenge of Siemens Energy at the Ruhrsummit 2020.


Philipp, thank you very much for the exciting interview! We will follow your further way and wish you a successful market entry!

If you want to learn more about ambeRise, you can find out more about them here.