Nachhaltigkeitswerkstatt is the Startup of the Week 49: Developing potentials


How do you make a company fit for the future? That depends heavily on the employees. Those who master the spirit of innovation, creativity, and critical thinking also have a positive influence on the development of the company. However, these skills need to be trained and educated so that employees become resilient and team-oriented personalities. Our Startup of the Week, the Nachhaltigkeitswerkstatt, offers workshops to develop and strengthen peoples’ potential. Co-founder Florian Engel explained to us in an interview what her vision exactly is.

Hello Florian! Great that you are here today. Let’s start directly by pitching us the Nachhaltigkeitswerkstatt.

We develop people in your company! Digital and analogue formats with brain and heart stimulate the enthusiasm of your employees and train skills that make the next step possible in the world of tomorrow.

Does the competence training take place in workshops?

Exactly! With the Nachhaltigkeitswerkstatt we offer development programmes consisting of workshops and coaching. These, in turn, we divided into attendance formats, online workshops and individual coaching. We also offer a platform within our academy on which self-organised learning takes place. We combine the formats according to the jointly defined learning goal.

With our digital formats, we attach great importance to engaging the participants as in an analogue context. We achieve this in particular through the creative use of modern online tools and through individualised, interactive didactics in virtual space.

As psychologists and coaches, we cover the most relevant competences for tomorrow’s working world. This includes topics such as creativity and innovative spirit, critical thinking, working in a team or problem-solving in complex environments.

We develop personalities who will carry your company’s success!

What sets you apart from other coaches or training providers?

With the credo ‘don’t fix what’s wrong – build what’s strong’, we focus on developing the strengths and talents of your employees. We firmly believe that this approach also provides the greatest added value for the positive development and healthy growth of your company. We use psychological and coaching techniques. Our approach is thus holistically humanistic. In our work, both the individual and the organisation benefit.

We are digital natives! Many further digital education programmes that are currently on the market tend to make you drowsy rather than causing emotional commitment. We can do better! Our online workshops are intelligently prepared. They raise the bar for inspiring and exciting online workshop formats to a new level.

How did you build your business model for this?

Our business model consists of three pillars: The first pillar is leading workshops with the main focus on sustainability, positive psychology and design thinking. In both face-to-face and virtual formats, we make sure that the spark is ignited. So participants return to their workplace motivated and with new inspiration.

The second pillar is the professional coaching of individuals in physical or virtual space. Common objectives here are to solve current problems at the workplace, to create clarity in phases of reorientation or to solve existing conflicts between individuals or groups of individuals. For virtual coaching, we use a range of interactive online tools to make the process as effective and efficient as possible.

The third pillar is the Online Academy of the Nachhaltigkeitswerkstatt. With this, we provide learning content in a standardised format to enable scalable and cost-effective training of employees. Depending on the learning objective, we plan these as individual measures or combined as a blended learning concept in combination with live workshops.

Who do you target with programmes?

We would like to work with companies that see their employees as the most important resource for mastering business challenges. Companies who care about the personal growth of their employees. We prepare your employees to manoeuvre resiliently and confidently through the increasingly complex world of work, not only today but also tomorrow!

Our target group is primarily medium-sized and small companies. Due to their scalability, the standardised learning products of the Online Academy are also ideally suited for training larger groups of employees in large companies.

What phase is the Nachhaltigkeitswerkstatt currently in? 

We founded the Nachhaltigkeitswerkstatt two years ago with the vision of helping to shape the working world of tomorrow. So far we have already supported more than 500 people in their change processes in our workshops and coaching sessions. 

We are a young company looking for clients with whom we can further develop our existing services and products and co-create experimental formats in a needs-oriented way! We offer inspiring and appreciative cooperation at eye level, which promotes healthy and sustainable growth for companies and employees.


Florian, that was already the last question! Many thanks for the exciting interview. We wish you from the Nachhaltigkeitswerkstatt continued success, especially for the year 2021.

If you would like to find out more about the training courses offered by the Nachhaltigkeitswerkstatt, please visit their Innoloft profile.