Rehappy is the Startup of the Week 48: Motivation and knowledge software for stroke patients


A stroke poses great challenges for those affected. Patients need a lot of strength and patience to regain their lost abilities. The road to recovery often takes a long time and is very exhausting. Physical as well as emotional support is very important. Our Startup of the Week Rehappy has developed a digital solution to help stroke patients find their way back into life. Pavle Lederer from Rehappy met us for an interview on how this works.

Hello Pavle! Thanks for taking the time for us today. What is Rehappy?

Rehappy activates, informs, and accompanies stroke patients in their aftercare. We e work with an app, an energy band, and a web portal to bring their healthcare into the digital age and pave the way back into a happier life.

How exactly do you approach this issue?

We focus on the patients in the follow-up care to increase their self-efficacy and compliance through individual motivation and knowledge transfer. The goal is also to improve their therapy results in the long term. Because there is only one person who can change the consequences of a stroke: the patient himself!

Scientific studies show that every form of physical activity increases the plasticity of the brain (learning ability) and positive emotions further promote learning success. However, many patients are completely overwhelmed by the stroke and are unable to organize their everyday life in a new way. Therefore Rehappy accompanies the patients back on the way to a happier life. Through individual and targeted information, Rehappy shows the patient how the new life situation can be approached actively. We want to help them stay motivated – every day anew and always with a positive perspective.

Components of Rehappy are a certified app, an energy band, and a web portal. To ensure that each patient receives the support that is relevant to them, the Rehappy software adapts the content to the individual needs of each patient. The increased self-efficacy and compliance, as well as the positive conditioning, can reduce the rate of depressive traits, the loss of relearnt skills, and the rate of reinfarction.

The patient himself experiences short-term support in coping with his “life crisis stroke” and gains a higher quality of life in the long term. Cost units such as health insurance companies and pension insurance reduce the costs of care, both in the short term and especially in the long term.

What functions does Rehappy offer?

Patients wear the energy band in their everyday life. They receive daily feedback on their performance and the importance of their own recovery. In addition to motivating messages, they receive individually tailored content. This includes daily changing tips that explain the background to the therapies and offer support in dealing with administrative tasks. 

Rehappy is characterized by its adaptation to the patients’ needs. Based on the physical and emotional condition as well as the personality traits, the Rehappy software continuously adapts the individual support plan. The barrier-free app design allows easy and intuitive operation for physically limited users and smartphone novices.

At what stage are you with your product?

We were one of the first companies in Germany to apply as DIGA (Digital Health Application). Rehappy is currently operating on the second healthcare market. With the listing as DIGA and certified medical product, it will be possible to participate in the first health market.

The target group is relatively clear: stroke patients. Does the severity of the stroke make a difference in use?

Yes, of course. Rehappy is aimed at all stroke patients who are cognitively able to process the content conveyed and can operate their smartphone with one hand. In addition, success has already been achieved with patients who had suffered a stroke several years earlier.

There are 270,000 strokes every year in Germany alone, of which at least 85,000 patients fall into the rehab target group due to their state of health, age & affinity for technology (with an upward trend). In addition, there are over 1.4 million patients who live with the consequences of a stroke in Germany.

You have already mentioned that you are already present in the market. What is your vision for Rehappy? What have you already achieved?

As a certified medical device, our goal is to be a pioneer of therapy-accompanying digital health services for neurological diseases. 

Our software was selected as one of 119 companies on the shortlist for the Digital Health Award in 2019. We also won the healthy hub in 2019 and signed our first contract with the mhplus health insurance company.


Pavle, unfortunately, we have already reached the end of our interview. Thank you very much for the exciting interview. We wish you continued success at Rehappy! 

If you want to learn more about Rehappy, please visit their Innoloft profile.