Lava-X is the Startup of the Week 50: Laser beam welding in a vacuum

Industry 4.0 & Logistics

Today’s Startup of the Week accompanies companies through the complete process development from the feasibility study, through component manufacturing as a contract manufacturer, to the implementation of the plant. Lava-X is an expert in the field of laser beam welding in a vacuum and received the “Rheinland Genial” innovation award last month. We met CEO Christian Otten in an interview to learn more about their technology.


Hello Christian! Thanks for being here today. Why don’t you explain to us briefly what you do at Lava-X?

We are solution providers for laser welding in a vacuum. We accompany our customers from feasibility to B-sample production to product-related production equipment.

What is special about your way of welding?

Our technology increases quality and productivity in laser welding while reducing investment and production costs.

To what extent is the quality and productivity of laser welding in vacuum increased?

If we use our technology, we can make pore-free and crack-free welding seams possible even with difficult materials and mixed joints. The weld seam quality improves significantly. In addition, this type of welding offers an increase of the welding depth or reduction of the laser power at the same welding depth. This reduces power consumption.

What services do you offer your customers?

Basically, we have 3 core services: consulting, contract manufacturing, and mechanical engineering.

New technology is only considered if it offers technological or economic advantages. In the best case, however, both! Within the scope of technology consulting, we inform companies about the possibilities of our technology and what exactly the benefits are for the companies’ products.

For contract manufacturing, we support our customers with feasibility studies, prototypes, or in series production.

In addition, we also offer production cells that are specially designed for laser beam welding in a vacuum.

Who are your customers?

Our customers are original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and are located in the automotive supply industry, sensor technology, and mechanical engineering. We also operate internationally.

In which phase are you currently?

We are in the growth phase. Four systems have been installed at well-known customers.


Christian, thank you for this exciting interview! We wish you continued success, especially in the coming year.

If you would like to learn more about Lava-X, please visit their Innoloft profile.