investify is the Startup of the Week 1: Customized investment solutions

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The financial world is digitizing – and new challenges are emerging. For this, we need technology-based solutions. Our Startup of the Week investify provides these solutions. investify is a Luxembourgian-German technology and regulatory provider. Their goal: to improve investment actions through innovative solutions. We caught up with CEO Dr. Harald Brock for an interview to learn more about investify.

Hello Harald! Nice to have you here today. Tell us about what investify does briefly.

investify TECH was founded to solve the current challenges in the securities business in a technology-based way – our customers include renowned financials, such as banks etc., but also non-financials such as financial portals and technology companies.

How do you implement your mission technically?

The investify iP3 platform is the basis for customer-centric white label solutions. If required, our spectrum covers all processes from onboarding to customer service. This allows partners to focus on sales in the best possible way. 

With all our products, our platform approach and the automation of processes ensure that  we create not only high-quality but also efficient solutions.

Our partners’ investment solutions are developed from front-end, back-end, algorithmic and regulatory modules. Our microservice architecture allows us to achieve maximum customer centricity (tayloring) based on proven platform standards. This, together with the Software as a Service (SaaS) approach, significantly reduces implementation costs and risks.

If required, our API interfaces ensure comprehensive integration into the partner’s systems. Alternatively, our solutions can also be built completely autonomously and operated in standard cloud technologies.

What makes you stand out in the digital finance world?

Fewer and fewer customers want off-the-peg services. This is just as true for sneakers as it is for financial services. investify addresses this customer need and creates personalized products. This is how we achieve:

  • More customer satisfaction
  • More customer interaction
  • Higher willingness to recommend
  • Lower price sensitivity
  • Less comparability

In line with the mass customization approach, we make the necessary processes simple for partners and your customers, such as the selection of thematic investments as part of a core-satellite approach. Our fitting algorithms, for example, ensure that the services offered are a perfect match for customers and their risk appetite. 

One of our strengths is that, as a regulatory provider, we can take over regulated processes and activities for our partners within the framework of business process outsourcing (BPO) (loss threshold monitoring, reporting, etc.). Security and compliance are our top priorities.

Our regulatory modules are based on a financial portfolio manager license with the CSSF in Luxembourg. Within the framework of EU passporting, we can offer our services throughout Europe. As a technology-oriented company, we have also digitized numerous regulatory requirements and processes.

With our regulatory and digitalization offering, we support our partners in implementing state-of-the-art value creation architectures. Particularly in the current market environment, it is becoming increasingly important to outsource regulated and unregulated activities. This enables partners to save costs and improve their competitiveness.

We also offer comprehensive service packages for non-financials, enabling them to offer investment solutions even without their own license. In this case, investify acts, for example, legally as asset manager or closing agent under a brand of the B2B partner.

How did you build your business model?

We have three revenue streams: 

  1. setup fees: for connection of the platform and customization based on customer requirements
  2. assets under management (AuM) fees: for regulatory activities etc.
  3. software as a service (SaaS) fees: for the use of the software.

We adapt our pricing individually to the business model of our partners.

What is your target group?

We have a track record to be proud of! Renowned financials and non-financials from different sectors rely on investify’s excellent technology, regulatory and investment expertise.

Our target group consists of banks, insurance companies, financial service providers and asset managers, but also non-financials such as financial portals and technology companies.

Primarily, we operate in the German-speaking region, but we want to expand our sales network here. For example, there is also an English version of our B2B site where interested parties can find more information.

What are proud moments in the development of investify, that you like to look back on?

Our own Robo Advisor has been on the market since 12/2016 and has been continuously developed since then. In various performance comparisons, investify can be found in the top group and we are also regularly awarded in customer reviews (e.g. BankingCheck Award as best Robo-Advisor 2020).

Since 2018, we have also steadily expanded the circle of our B2B partnerships. The special feature is that our customers can obtain solutions in a modular system or completely individual solutions. This gives each partner the opportunity to contribute their individual strengths and corporate values and, as a consequence, to focus completely on their core competencies.


Harald, thank you very much for this exciting interview. We wish you continued success, especially in 2021. 

If you want to learn more about investify, just check out their Innoloft profile.