OpenPhase Solutions is the Startup of the Week 5: Microstructure Simulation

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This week’s Startup of the Week is located in Bochum, Germany. OpenPhase Solutions are experts in the field of microstructure simulation. They offer tools that enable the development of innovative materials and the optimization of production processes. We spoke to Managing Director Johannes Görler to find out more.

Hello Johannes, thank you for doing the interview with us! How would you describe OpenPhase Solutions in one sentence?

OpenPhase Solutions develops microstructure simulation software for metallic materials.

Which method do you use for this?

We use the phase-field method to simulate microstructure evolution on the nano- to millimeter scale. In OpenPhase, we implemented a wide variety of physical phenomena that are crucial for simulating microstructure evolution and the properties of the resulting material. They can be simulated concurrently. The result of such a simulation is a realistic, three-dimensional simulation of a material and its properties. The simulation shows the process from production to service, e.g. additive manufacturing, creep deformation, or conventional casting.

What is the great thing about this method and your microstructure simulation?

Materials microstructures dictate materials properties. Improvement in microstructure leads to better materials, which enables innovation. Simulating microstructure evolution gives insight into the material. These insights are difficult to gain through experiments. 

With OpenPhase Studio and Core, two powerful microstructure simulation software solutions are available. We develop OpenPhase together with ICAMS, one of the world-leading materials simulation institutes. We aim to design OpenPhase Studio as user-friendly as possible. OpenPhase Core gives users access to most of the source code and thus offers maximum flexibility.

And your business model consists of the selling of your software?

We license our software solutions either on an annual basis or perpetually including two years. Both options include maintenance and support. Next to software licensing, we offer custom software solutions, e.g. implementation of an interface to different software or a new physics model.

What is your target group? 

Our software is physics-based. You can apply it to a wide variety of processes and materials. Thus, we target industries, institutes, and academia with a material science connection and an interest in metallic materials. Microstructure simulation is a quite complex topic, so it is necessary for our customers to have some prior experience in materials simulation. We are operating internationally since the beginning, we have customers from Japan, Australia, and the USA, but also some in Germany.

Are your solutions already ready-to-use?

Yes, Our two products (OpenPhase Studio and OpenPhase Core) are ready-to-use. With our partner ICAMS, we are planning a new major release in the coming months. If you are interested, please check the trial version of OpenPhase Studio on our homepage.


Johannes, thank you for this interesting interview. We wish you a lot of success this year and hope to hear from you soon. 

If you are looking for more information about OpenPhase Solutions, check out their profile on our B2B platform.