Designed for Corporates and Incubators

Find innovative partners for the products of the future

The Innoloft Challenge is a “turnkey” startup competition, combining a white label website, digital application process, and marketing. Startups apply to your individual partner search and you choose your favorites for the cooperation.

Create tomorrow together

Choose the best partners and ideas

Open Innovation means integrating the creativity and competences of externals into one's own development. The Innoloft Challenge helps your company generate visibility for its own topics in the startup ecosystem and to position itself correctly as an interesting partner. The core of the application is the cooperation idea, which is formulated by the startup. Partnerships are then evaluated with the most promising applicants.

  • Select the best partner out of many
  • Market overview of innovators
  • New business ideas and partnering models
  • No endless discussions on theory
  • Implement solutions with leading startups in your field

How the Challenge works


Creation of a requirement profile

Together with our innovation managers, various requirements for potential partners are developed. The focus is on identifying the topic scope, TRL and the general development level of the startup.


White label challenge page

We set up a website for the Challenge in your branding. Together with your marketing, we will be provided with the logo, images and CI colours. Finally, your company presentation and the content for the startup competition will be set for the Challenge.


Identification of the Marketing Target Group

We determine the parameters by which users in the network are contacted. General marketing in the Innoloft ecosystem and social media begins.


Support applicant selection (opt.)

Based on your company profile and strategy, we can evaluate the strategic potential of individual candidates and recommend different strategies or partnership models and discuss them with your experts.


Startup Pitch-Day (opt.)

We can organize an in-house event where "finalists" are invited to pitches and discussions in front of an internal jury. The aim is that economic and technical aspects can be discussed directly and that the best partner can be identified.