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We ensure a regular supply of ideas: We provide you exclusively with a minimum number of development options per month, which can serve as a basis for discussion in your innovation team in the form of a short outline.

  • Continuous brainstorming
  • Short outlines with development options
  • KPI: e.g.: 24 sketches per half-year



We'll support you weekly in the evaluation of potential development options, as if we were an extension of your own workforce. Uniform assessment standards will be developed for the evaluation, for comparable results.

  • Continuous evaluation of development options
  • Uniform evaluation standard
  • KPI e.g.: 12 evaluations per half-year



After a successful evaluation, we develop the idea for a business model into a detailed product concept, including screening of potential partners, obtaining offers and profitability calculations. Based on Innoloft Projects, this project step ends with a board presentation.

  • Development of detailed product concepts
  • Screening of possible partners and profitability calculation
  • KPI e.g.: 3 product concepts per half-year


Technical implementation

Optionally, we can support you as a "permanent project manager" in the implementation of a developed product concept, including interface management, contract management, product launch and marketing.

  • Support product implementation and launch
  • Coordination of interface management
  • KPI e.g.: 1 new product per half-year

Create new business models with Innoloft Projects



We start the project with the joint development of several detailed product ideas - taking into account the strategic goals of your company. They serve as the basis for the evaluation process, outlined below.

  • Proposals for new business models
  • Consideration of newly developed products in the market
  • Usage of the entire Innoloft innovation network with numerous innovative products and startups (if necessary)



After developing solid ideas, we'll evaluate them together with your team, focusing on relevant criteria to your business strategy and vision. Afterwards we'll perform a market and technology analysis to validate them.

  • Joint evaluation of product ideas
  • Individual evaluation criteria
  • Market & technology analysis


Development of business models

At this stage, we develop a detailed product or service "blueprint" with your team, considering strategic goals and including added value commitments for your customers. This step results in a product vision that encompasses all the desired features.

  • Joint development of the new product concept
  • Consideration of new, digital business models
  • Development of detailed customer journeys


Structured product conception

The developed product concept is broken down into individual components. We then evaluate the make-or-buy options and define detailed requirements for the individual components.

  • Subdivision into individual components
  • Make-or-buy decision
  • Development of individual requirements per component


Partner screening

For each component there is at least one suitable partner on the market - many are already represented in the Innoloft innovation network. We screen potential partners and, if necessary, invite them to a personal meeting at your site. Finally, binding offers are obtained.

  • Screening and approaching potential partners
  • Presentation of partners at your location
  • Obtaining binding offers


Calculation of profitability & presentation to the management board

The offers obtained are used to calculate the cost side of the new product concept, which we use to determine the pricing of the business model together with you. We then calculate the profitability of the product concept and consolidate everything into documents ready to present to the management board.

  • Calculation of the cost side in the business plan
  • Determination of pricing
  • Calculation of profitability and preparation of board documents


Technical Implementation

After the positive investment decision we accompany you during the preparation of contracts, coordinate the interface management between individual partners and support you in the area of product introduction and marketing.

  • Support in drafting contracts
  • Coordination of interface management
  • Support during product launch and marketing

Always keep an overview with our startup scouting and find the best business partners



Together with your team, we identify relevant trends and technology segments that fit your strategy and set clear parameters for the startup scouting.

  • In person on-site or remotely
  • Inspiration for the strategy discussion
  • Identification of needs
  • Definition of parameters and scope of screening



Worldwide or in a specific region, we perform a thorough market screening and identify the relevant startups developing disruptive technologies and business models. Startups are categorized according to their technologies or previously defined criteria. Each startup is described in a profile with pertinent information regarding its products, technologies, business models, funding data and more.

  • Regional or global screening
  • High-level overview of trends
  • Description of startups based on detailed profiles
  • Individual, anonymous info requests to startups (optional)


Report & Delivery

The results of the Startup Scouting are presented to you in a detailed report with a high-level description of the identified clusters of startups and a deeper dive into each of the market agents and their technologies, products and business models. Optionally, we’ll introduce and go through the results with your team for an efficient handover and discuss next steps.

  • In-depth PDF report
  • Presentation and transfer
  • Recommendations and next steps
  • Contact initiation (optional)

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