For public economic development organizations, clusters and research centers.

Your turnkey digital B2B networking & marketplace platform

Increase the transparency and connectivity of your technology & innovation ecosystem. Our digital platform technology is designed to overcome the inefficiencies of B2B partnering between technology providers, startups, corporate innovation teams and other stakeholders of innovation networks.

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A modular operating system for economic development

Offered to orchestrators of business networks, LoftOS is a digitalisation solution with common data standards for B2B ecosystems. Our system is used to build white-label B2B networking, marketplace or startup platforms. It's unique backend allows platforms to exchange data, effectively creating a shared digital ecosystem that spans across regions, industries and borders.

  • Unique degree of ecosystem transparency
  • Intelligent business partner matching & communication options
  • Modern digital community management tools
  • Integrated access to an international B2B tech ecosystem

Digitize your business ecosystem with a custom-tailored white label platform

Transparency & connectivity

Showcase your economy & community and boost its connections

Present corporates, startups and other innovators in a modern digital format, segmented according to technologies and sectors. Connect your stakeholders with a B2B marketplace for innovations, technology solutions and services, aided by an intelligent business matchmaker and a direct messaging system.

  • Personal and institutional profiles
  • Innovation marketplace (products & business requests)
  • Automatic business partner matchmaking
  • Direct messaging system

Digital community management

Engage and manage your community digitally

Digitise and ease your community management, by enable community virtual events and networking sessions through the platform. Automate personalized newsletters and leverage our integrated mailing and notification systems to keep your community engaged. Understand the needs and trends of your ecosystem with data-driven analytics tools.

  • Virtual event system
  • Automatic & personalized newsletters
  • Notification and mailing systems
  • Data analytics

International & inter-sectoral reach

Tap into an international B2B tech ecosystem

Our common data standards allow connections between platforms. Thus, you can connect your community with an international pool of innovation hotspots, industry clusters and even whole state economies. Your platform becomes a gateway for a global marketplace of business opportunities.

  • Access to a shared digital ecosystem
  • Dozens of established innovation networks
  • Wide sector & industrial representation

Selection of current LoftOS customers and ecosystem partners

Digital Economy North Rhine-Westphalia

The "Digitale Wirtschaft NRW" (DWNRW) initiative is intended to distinguish North Rhine-Westphalia as a leading digitization location. The platform establishes a state-wide startup ecosystem that increases visibility and cooperation options between startups, companies and investors.

Business Metropole Ruhr

Business Metropole Ruhr (BMR) bundles, develops and markets the economic interests of the economic region of the Metropole Ruhr. With the Matchmaker.Ruhr platform, BMR networks startups from all over the world with leading industrial partners from the Ruhr area.


Embassy of Canada to Germany

The Canadian Embassy supports Canadian companies in entering other international markets. Within the framework of the Canada Technology Accelerator the Canada Innovation Community creates a digital bridge between Candian startups in the smart energy sector and Europe´s utilities and grid operators.

Canada Innovation Community


Space4Impact is a spin-off initiative from the Swiss Space Center and the European Space Agency (ESA) Business Incubation Center with the goal of maximizing the positive impact of Space Tech on Earth. The Space4Impact digital ecosystem platform helps corporates, investors and organisations, who want to integrate disruptive solutions, innovate and accelerate their impact sustainably by conducting open innovation challenge and initiating pilot projects with startups and New Space companies.

Space4Impact Ecosystem

Interreg Euregio Meuse-Rhine

Interreg refers to an EU regional scheme to promote cross-border cooperation. "Hyperegio" has created the Digital Innovation Platform (DIP) to support companies in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine region in initiating innovation projects.

Hyperegio Digital Innovation Platform

German Energy Agency (dena)

Start Up Energy Transition (SET) is a project led by the German Energy Agency (dena), in cooperation with the World Energy Council. The project is realised with the conviction that a successful global energy transition is directly linked to innovative business models and political will. The SET Network Platform aims to connect the energy startup ecosystem and create a strong global network of innovators, including start-ups, investors, corporates and institutes.

SET Network Platform


EnergieAgentur.NRW operates on behalf of the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia as an operational network in the energy sector. With the help of its platform, it supports companies from NRW in initiating innovation projects and coming into contact with innovative solution providers.

EnergieAgentur.NRW Innovation Plattform

Oesterreichs Energie

Oesterreichs Energie represents the interests of the Austrian electricity industry. Users of the innovation platform receive active support in innovation scouting by the introduction of startups and the communication of partner applications for innovation projects.

Oesterreichs Energie Innovation Platform

digitalHUB Aachen

The digitalHUB Aachen is an initiative for the regional networking of actors around the high-tech city of Aachen. The digitalHUB platform offers a digital ecosystem in which startups and medium-sized IT companies are networked with users in conventional medium-sized companies and industry.

digitalHUB platform


The Bundesverband der Energie- und Wasserversorger (BDEW) e.V. represents over 1900 companies in Germany in the energy and water sectors. BDEW launched the BDEW innovation platform to provide their members with better access to innovations in the sector.

BDEW Innovation Platform

ITA Group

The ITA Group considers itself an internationally operating research and educational service provider for textile materials and technologies. Through its TexSpace platform, the company networks innovative players in the entire industrial textile sector.