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In the ideation phase, companies are collecting ideas of how to foster business development. Want to know, what kind of ideas the ecosystem is having for you? Energieloft supports with its network functions and also offers some special opportunities.


With LOFT-Partner you get access to all Energieloft data at once and will be able to export data directly from the network. Tell the algorithm what you need and get matched with potential solutions or startups automatically.

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Get your own innovation challenge and collect dozens of ideas by startups who want to cooperate and work with you. Energieloft is supporting with the format by webpage, marketing and much more!

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Want to know who has the best ideas to boost up your company? Probably yourself and your colleagues! With myinnoHUB, Energieloft supports to structure the innovation process and brings a tool, all employees can submit ideas in!

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In the evaluation phase, companies are trying to evaluate the potential success of an idea.


With the LOFT-Assistant, Energieloft Innovation manager will help you to evaluate an idea by support you with market research on startups, technologies, markets sizes and competitor activities.

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Conceptual phase

In the conceptual phase, companies are developping for promising ideas new business models. The design of revenue streams, assessment of needed components and partners as well as the development of business cases are activities to take a look at.

Business Model Development

With the LOFT-Assistant, Energieloft supports you in develop your new business model. With the help of a structured process, we define revenue streams, analyse needed components, find potential partners, get offers and calculate a business plan.

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With LOFT-Partner you get access to all Energieloft data at once and will be able to export data directly from the network. Use the Energieloft-Data to look for partners, competitors or get in contact with experts who might help.

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Piloting phase

Not just giving power points, but we really mean what we have developed.

Business Model Development

With the LOFT-Assistant, Energieloft supports you in develop your new business model. With the help of a structured process, we define revenue streams, analyse needed components, find potential partners, get offers and calculate a business plan.

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Scale up phase

Once your new product is ready for the market, you can use Energieloft again to find potential customers!


With LOFT-Partner you get access to all Energieloft data at once and will be able to export data directly from the network. Insert your new product and enable the customer request function to get several leads in no time!

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Your gateway to the Energieloft ecosystem

Become an Energieloft-Partner and gain full access to all data in the ecosystem

The Energieloft innovation network operates an ecosystem to accelerate innovations in the energy, mobility, IT & ICT, industry 4.0 and smart city sectors. The platform informs you in real time the latest innovations and potential partners. We initiate individually and quickly collaborations between established companies, startups and investors. Access to the ecosystem as a LOFT-Partner offers you full access to Energieloft Startups with more than 2000 startup profiles, an innovative project marketplace and the innovation radar. These tools are particularly suited for the internal process support of innovation teams, corporate development and corporate VCs. As a partner, you'll also receive regular support an Energieloft Innovation Manager, who can assist you with the use of the network and individual questions while continuously providing you with innovative ideas.

  • Full access to all Energieloft datasets
  • Full access to all Analytics functions in the Energieloft network
  • Personal support by an Energieloft innovation manager

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RheinEnergie is an Energieloft-Partner since 2017

"Energieloft convinced us to collaborate with them due to their market overview in the field of start-ups, their fast and uncomplicated access to decision-makers as well as their competence to get to the heart of the matter and to tackle issues swiftly".

Dr. Christoph Vielhaber, Head of Strategy, RheinEnergie AG, Cologne

Uniper is an Energieloft-Partner since 2018

Since 2018, Energieloft has supported Uniper in implementing its own innovation process. Uniper regularly uses the numerous data as well as the personal support of the Energieloft team. The bundled knowledge in the Energieloft ecosystem has enabled a new dimension of Uniper's ideation process.

Become an Energieloft-Partner and gain full access to all data in the ecosystem

LOFT Member

Your free-of-charge entry into the ecosystem.

  • Startups: All Member-Profiles
  • Offers & Requests: All
  • News: 250 entries
  • Portfolio Manager: No
  • Matching: 1 per month
  • Contact: Support
  • Duration: As long as you want
  • Users: Only you


Your access to the whole ecosystem.

  • Startups: All member & scouting profiles
  • Offers & Requests: All
  • News: All entries
  • Portfolio Manager: Yes
  • Matching: All immediately
  • Contact: Personal counterpart
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Users: Your whole team

LOFT-Partner (SME**)

As an SME company, we ease your entry into our ecosystem.

  • Startups: All member & scouting profiles
  • Offers & Requests: All
  • News: All entries
  • Portfolio Manager: Yes
  • Matching: All immediately
  • Contact: Personal counterpart
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Users: 5 employees

Structure and speed in the innovation process

Innovation process management with Energieloft

Successful projects have at least one factor in common: They kept their deadlines. Sticking to deadlines increases the “pressure” to overcome hurdles and sidestep needless discussions or calculations and focus on the development of prototypes to receive market insights. Energieloft has developed a structured and simple innovation process with four individual phases. Ideation, Evaluation, Conception und Implementation. Get support at every stage and communicate the status of each idea transparently with the Energieloft Innovation process management tool "myinnoHUB".

  • Structured, KPI-based innovation process focused on speed and quality
  • Support by Energieloft innovation managers in the adherence to the process
  • Digital innovation management tool for employee involvement and transparent communication

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We restructured our innovation process with Energieloft

"Together with Energieloft, we have taken our innovation process to a new level. The strict KPI's help us to focus on results. Through the structured process, we gain speed in the development of prototypes and can test our ideas quickly and cost-effectively on the market".

Eric Rüffel, Head of Corporate Development, E.DIS AG

Business model development with Energieloft

A fast and cost-effective path to your new innovative product

Test new business models quickly and cost-effectively on the market before incurring high investment costs in product development. With Energieloft's business model development process, this is precisely what you achieve. Energieloft develops your new business model. The technical components for the implementation can be bought cost-effectively from partners in the Energieloft Ecosystem. As an independent project manager, Energieloft will support you at all stages and will be responsible for the design of the business model, partner selection, technical implementation and market launch - from planning to implementation.

  • Ideation & Market Screening
  • Business Model Development
  • Components & Partner Selection
  • Creating a Business Plan
  • Implementation & Market Launch

buttom bmd

The first communal mobility platform with Stadtwerke Langenfeld

Energieloft and the Langenfeld municipal utility developed the first municipal mobility platform in Germany in the spring of 2019. The municipal utilities act as platform operators and integrate existing fleet vehicles from Langenfeld in a digital application. Citizens can easily book the vehicles via the app. Through the platform approach, existing resources are utilized and no new vehicles are distributed in the city. The first municipal mobility platform with Stadtwerke Langenfeld.

Business model development with Energieloft


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Energieloft Startup Challenges

Gain individual innovation concepts through the Energieloft Ecosystem

The Energieloft Startup Challenge supports companies in obtaining new, innovative product and business model ideas. The Startup Challenge guarantees companies a structured process towards developing innovative ideas. Startups are invited to apply to the company with a concrete collaboration plan. The startups with the most suitable proposals to your needs are selected by you and invited to participate in your own Innovation Day. You decide with which startups you'd like to start a collaboration after the on-site pitch.

  • Your own Startup Challenge in the Energieloft ecosystem
  • Receive an individual white label challenge web page
  • Obtain numerous, tangible innovation ideas from startups

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E.DIS Startup Challenge

In the framework of its digitization strategy, E.DIS invests in new, innovative solutions. E.DIS relies on the support of technology suppliers and start-ups for the swift and cost-effective evaluation of new ideas. 47 startups submitted their cooperation ideas with E.DIS via Energieloft. In a two-stage process, E.DIS finally decided to enter partnerships with the startups Othermo, Depsys and Kugu.

E.DIS Startup Challenge

Metro is searching for innovative solutions and business model expansions via Energieloft, both for the Metro Stores and for the more than 300,000 partner restaurants in Germany. Startups can still apply for Energieloft until 23.07.2019. In a two-stage process, start-ups will be invited to Düsseldorf for the Metro Innovation Day after an initial review of their ideas. The decision on the collaboration project will then be made there.

E.DIS Startup Challenge


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Startup Speed-Dating

An intelligent matching format for your own event in your corporate design

The Energieloft Startup Speed-Dating connects new innovative startups with established companies. An individualized web based matching platform serves as the basis on which participants must register before the Speed-Dating. The web based matching platform uses an algorithm that calculates the most suitable matches between startups and corporates or investors. The first edition at the E-World 2017 was already a major success: more than 200 participants and almost 1000 dates were held over two days. By now Energieloft provides the format to nearly every major energy fair in Germany and further abroad.

  • Custom white label platform to provide you with an individual format
  • Intelligent matching algorithm to determine the most suitable matches
  • Full service on site incl. support during execution

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E-world Startup Speed-Dating

E-world is the leading trade fair for the energy and water industry in Germany. With more than 30,000 visitors, the fair belongs to the largest fairs in the energy sector. Three years in a row, since 2017 Energieloft has been organizing the Speed-Dating at the E-world. Every year with an increasing number of participants. Recently more than 250 participants took part. About 1,500 dates took place during the exhibition days.

To the E-world Startup Speed-Dating

Hannover Messe Startup Speed-Dating

For the first time in 2019, Energieloft organized a speeddatiing event at HANNOVER MESSE, the world's largest industrial trade fair. With over 90 participants and 300 dates, the Speed-Dating was a resounding hit.

To the Hannovermesse Startup Speed-Dating

ISH Startup Speed-Dating

At the ISH, the leading trade fair for building technology and smart buildings, the Energieloft network made its debut in 2019 with a Speed-Dating event. In an outstanding atmosphere, many startups and companies discussed potential cooperations in face-to-face talks.

To the ISH Startup Speed-Dating

The smarter-e Startup Speed-Dating

In 2019 we held our first Startup Speed-Dating in Munich at Europe's largest energy industry platform The smarter E Europe. With 365 dates, 69 startups, 31 companies and 10 investors, it was a promising start of a hopefully successful series of Speed-Dating events in Munich.

To the smarter-e Startup Speed-Dating

ITMA Barcelona Startup Speed-Dating

The ITMA in Barcelona was the first international trade fair to be included in the Energieloft network in 2019. The leading trade fair for textile technology in Europe demonstrated the extent to which technical textiles determine the bodies of electric cars, wings of wind turbines and also flexible solar cells or membranes for fuel cells. The Startup Speed-Dating format was carried out in cooperation with the Institut für Textiltechnik at the RWTH University.

To the ITMA Startup Speed-Dating

Hamburg WindEnergy Startup Speed-Dating

Also at the WindEnergy Hamburg, a Startup Speed-Dating was held for the first time in 2018. With a focus on technological innovations, startups were able to network with manufacturers and energy utility companies from the wind energy sector.

To the Hamburg WindEnergy Startup Speed-Dating

dena Techfestival Startup Speed-Dating

Europe's largest energy startup event took place again in Berlin in 2019. For the second time, Energieloft organized the startup speedating at the Techfestival in cooperation with dena. In a cosy atmosphere on a riverboat in the Berlin harbor (WECC), around 100 participants explored potential collaborations.

To the dena Techfestival Startup Speed-Dating

BDEW Congress Startup Speed-Dating

Energieloft, along with BDEW, prepared a platform for young companies to come into contact with the leading decision-makers in the German energy industry at the industry meeting point for the energy sector: the BDEW Congress 2018.

To the Startup Speed-Dating at the BDEW Kongress

Oesterreichs Energie Startup Speed-Dating

Energieloft has also reached beyond Germany's borders. At the energy congress of the Austrian energy industry in 2018, Energieloft held a Startup Speed-Datingevent to connect startups with decision makers of the Austrian energy sector.

To the OesterreichEnergie Startup Speed-Dating

Testimonials from the Hannover Fair 2019 Startup Speed-Dating


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Become a LOFT Network Partner and build up your own digital ecosystem

Energieloft white label Innovation Platform

The Energieloft Ecosystem consists of more than 15 partners, each operating their own LOFT innovation platform. Each platform uses the same data, so users only have to manage their data once. While all partners distribute the ecosystem among the companies in their cluster, a growing number of companies are participating in the ecosystem. Become a platform operator yourself! By using a LOFT white label platform you can digitally inform the members and users of your cluster about the latest innovations and innovators. The platform makes it possible to automatically and intelligently network stakeholders and thus initiate collaborations between actors.

  • Build up your own digital ecosystem
  • An individual platform in your corporate design
  • Obtain insights to the needs of your ecosystem

More information

BDEW Innovation

In collaboration with Energieloft, BDEW offers its members active support in innovation scouting, the identification of development opportunities and the referral of partners (often startups) to implement innovative projects in the energy sector.

Innovationsplattform NRW

The EnergyAgency.NRW operates the innovation platform for North Rhine-Westphalia together with the innovation network Energieloft. On the platform, companies based in NRW receive active support in innovation scouting as well as in the implementation of new business models and digital process improvements.

OesterreichsEnergie Innovation

Oesterreichs Energie represents the interests of the Austrian energy industry. It represents the common interests of the industry towards politics, administration and the public. Together with Energieloft, an innovation platform was developed to network innovative players from the energy sector and to initiate collaborations. The innovation platform provides members of ÖsterreichsEnergie with access to new technological developments and business ideas from startups and research institutes.

Hyperegio DIP

The new digital innovation platform (DIP) of the Interreg program "Hyperegio" offers a valuable active support in innovation scouting with a targeted identification of development opportunities as well as with the appropriate mediation of partners or customers for the implementation of future projects in the EUREGIO Meuse-Rhine.

DigitalHUB Aachen

The digitalHUB Aachen is part of the DWNRW initiative of the state government and aims to promote digitisation in the NRW municipalities. The matching platform of the DigitalHub connects start-ups from the Aachen DigitalHub with established companies from the region and beyond.


Versorger+ efficiently supports energy suppliers and municipal utilities in their corporate development. New products and business models can be implemented via company acquisitions (M&A) or cooperative product development using the Open Innovation approach. Utilities+ provides users with answers to both options. Investment options in innovative start-ups or recipes for cooperative product development.

Digitales Lübeck

The members of the EnergieCluster digitales Lübeck have set themselves a common goal: to digitize Lübeck and to use new technologies to make our city more efficient, more sustainable, greener and more digital. The innovation platform of the EnergieCluster provides the members with potential project ideas and implementation partners, also from the world of startups.