‘We believe Space can do more for Earth’ – Innoloft welcomes Space4Impact as new member of the B2B Tech Ecosystem


After Innoloft had already welcomed the spin-off initiative of the Swiss Space Center and the European Space Agency Business Incubator (ESA BIC) Space4Impact as a new member of the international Innoloft B2B Tech Ecosystem, a digital platform kick-off event was held on November 25, 2020. 


The goal of the launch event was to bring space technologies closer to the general public and to communicate the positive impact of space technologies on Earth. The Space4Impact digital marketplace platform is considered to be one of the tools for realizing this goal. With the help of Innoloft’s digital network infrastructure, inefficiencies in networking and forming partnerships between technology providers, corporate innovation teams, investors and other stakeholders are being eliminated.

The space sector is an emerging market and the current growth of space technologies and data is opening up a whole range of new applications with promising business opportunities. In addition to the economic aspect, sustainability for planet Earth is a key driver for the pursuit and development of space-related technologies. One example of sustainable space applications is the use of Earth observation for smart agriculture: This technology can, for example, enable farms to protect or improve their soils as well as their yield with the optimal use of fertilizers.

However, this space sector trend is often difficult for companies and investors outside the industry to grasp due to a lack of key intermediaries and communication tools – known as tech translators.

At the same time, space startups, for their part, encounter difficulties in reaching the right customers and clients for their products. This is where the Space4Impact initiative steps in: With the help of the digital ecosystem platform and its connection to Innoloft’s cross-sector B2B tech ecosystem, transparency and connectivity as well as the international and cross-industry reach of the individual players are to be improved.  This is not least to achieve the goal of maximizing SpaceTech’s positive impact on the planet.

The successful event on November 25, 2020, with more than 100 participants, marked a first step towards achieving this goal: In addition to live presentations by high-profile speakers, including i.e. Ms. Simonetta di Pippo (Director of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA)), Mr. Claude Nicollier (former Swiss astronaut for ESA), Dr. Natalia Archinard (Deputy Head of the Education, Science, Transport and Space Section at the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs), Mr. Carlos Augusto Teixeira de Moura (Brazilian Space Agency President) and Mr. Etienne Schneider (Luxembourg Former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Economy) , the individual companies and startups were able to get to know each other and exchange ideas through panel discussions and various pitch sessions. The Startup Pitch Competition was a special highlight and a complete success, not only for the participating startups. In addition, with the help of a speed-dating during the event, more than 60 matches were formed and initial discussions between potential cooperation partners were initiated.

After the successful kick-off event, Innoloft will continue to support the Space4Impact initiative with its platform technology to digitally display attractive and valuable formats such as open innovation challenges or networking events. The focus will be on sustainable action as an important aspect of the platform, because Innoloft and Space4Impact agree: Space can do more for our planet.

Further information

Interested parties can apply to participate in the digital platform here; in addition, the recording of the entire kick-off event can be viewed via this link.

Public institutions, clusters or hubs interested in digitizing their community management can find out more about Innoloft’s LoftOS platform technology here and, if interested, arrange a demo appointment, or contact them directly.

Matchmaker and Partner: Innoloft and the digitalHUB Aachen


The story behind the digitalHUB matching platform and startups.nrw

A digital platform on which startups, investors and corporates present themselves, their ideas and challenges and are matched with each other based on them – that is the concept of the B2B Tech Ecosystem Innoloft. Founded in 2015 as a spin-off of RWTH Aachen University, Innoloft is one of the founding members of the digitalHUB Aachen e.V. As such, Innoloft has designed and implemented both the matching platform of the digitalHUB Aachen and the NRW-wide platform startups.nrw, the official launch of which was announced by NRW Minister of Economic Affairs Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart on October 27, 2020. In an interview with Sven Pietsch, CEO of Innoloft and Iris Wilhelmi, Managing Director of the digitalHUB Aachen, we learned how the digitalHUB Aachen’s matching platform served as a model for the NRW-wide platform and how the stories of Innoloft and the digitalHUB Aachen have grown together.

Iris and Sven, how did the digitalHUB and Innoloft come together?

Iris Wilhelmi: Innoloft is one of our founding members and has been part of the digitalHUB Aachen from the very beginning, i.e. since mid-2016, as a start-up from the very beginning. When we moved to digitalCHURCH in 2017, Innoloft moved into our CoWorking with seven employees – today there are about 30 – and then rented two floors of office space in the Kaplanshaus at the beginning of 2019. Both Innoloft and we have grown in the meantime.

Sven Pietsch: Before founding the digitalHUB, we were a member of Startlab, the former incubator for digital start-ups at RWTH Aachen University. When the Startlab merged with the CoWorking of the digitalHUB, we were naturally directly involved.

Sven, how has your development been from the foundation until today? And what role has the digitalHUB played in it?

Sven Pietsch: We founded our start-up in 2015 as a spin-off from RWTH Aachen University with the goal of building a research database for research transfer. When it turned out that nobody wanted to pay for it, we changed our concept to a company database. Around that time the startup trend started and we got our first contract to screen startups. We soon realized that the mediation of business contacts does not work with a static database, but rather requires a digital business network. And so we came up with the idea of building an operating system for digital networks and marketplaces. The digitalHUB with its large network was a strong support for our market access from the beginning. And thanks to the digitalHUB matching platform that we implemented for the HUB, it is also a cool reference for us!

How did the joint project of the matching platform come about?

Iris Wilhelmi: The idea of the joint platform had been around for quite a while. But since we already had our digitalHUB Member Space and Innoloft – originally under the name Energieloft – was initially focused on energy companies, we were still waiting for the proof of concept. We also looked around the market but came to the conclusion that Innoloft’s white label solution and the integration of the matching platform into our existing member space was the best solution for us. And so it came to a joint launch in 2018. Our digitalHUB matching platform, was the first open-industry platform that Innoloft implemented at that time.

What opportunities does the platform offer for which target group?

Sven: In short: Startups find investors, cooperation partners or customers; companies find innovation ideas, suppliers as well as innovation partners or startups and investors find investment cases. In addition to the independent search, the platform also automatically presents potential business partners. We then count as a match every conversation that takes place between different parties via the platform.

How did it happen that the matching platform of the digitalHUB Aachen became a model for the NRW-wide platform startups.nrw?

Iris Wilhelmi: Here, both the NRW Ministry of Economic Affairs was the driving force and the HUBs that had emerged from the Digital Economy NRW initiative. The other digital hubs also wanted to have transparency about their ecosystems, the digital hubs also wanted to better network their ecosystems with each other, and the Ministry also wanted to prominently present the great potential of the NRW-wide startup ecosystem to the outside world. Due to the great experience we had as digitalHUB Aachen with our matching platform, our platform then served as a blueprint for the NRW-wide platform. Together with the Digital Hub münsterLAND we accompanied the implementation.

How did the first weeks of startups.nrw since the kick-off go and what are the next milestones?

Sven Pietsch: The developments on the platform are very positive. We have had over 400 logins from over 250 unique users since the launch. In parallel we continue to work on the platform. The next important milestone is the event module, which will go online in a few days. It will allow platform users to create events, invite each other to them, hold the events there and streaming tools like YouTube or Zoom can also be integrated.

Iris, Sven had just answered this question, so the last question for you: What role does Innoloft play for the digitalHUB?

Iris Wilhelmi: With the conception and implementation of the digitalHUB matching platform, Innoloft has mapped our ecosystem completely digitally – that’s a great added value for us and is elementarily important. If you know what a great team is behind Innoloft, it’s clear that we would be crazy not to work with Innoloft!

Thank you very much for the nice closing, Iris, and thank you very much for the interview, Iris and Sven!

The interview was conducted by Karin Bönig, PR-Editor at digitalHUB Aachen

The Business Development Agency of the City of Aachen and Innoloft launch digital innovation platform for EUREGIO Meuse-Rhine

Banking & Finance, Energy & Environment, Health & FoodTech, IT & ICT, Mobility

Digital platform supports Aachen’s companies and startups

With its digital innovation platform (DIP), the Business Development Agency of the City of Aachen supports companies and start-ups: The platform offers the possibility to get new business partners (for example B2B customers). In addition, the innovation platform presents innovative technologies and solutions from the region and thus supports companies in innovation scouting.

Platform solution for business activities

The DIP is available free of charge to all companies in the Aachen region. Thus, numerous features of the platform enable the initiation of business relations between companies and the direct exchange among each other. For this purpose, companies, research institutions and start-ups can register on the platform and enter their own profile. This profile can then be used to post products, services and technologies to communicate them in Aachen and beyond. To enable solution providers and solution seekers to find each other directly on the platform, it is possible to publish customer and cooperation requests in the form of “Requests” on the platform. A matchmaking algorithm helps to find suitable partners and customers automatically.

Contact initiation and networking by digital means

Users have the possibility to get in contact with each other via the built-in chat functions. This facilitates the exchange in times of home office without the opportunity for personal meetings. “The DIP platform can thus take on a sub-task of trade fairs, events and conferences, namely getting to know, networking and initiating business and innovative projects,” says Dieter Begass, Head of Economic Development Aachen. It allows us to overcome spatial distances, because it enables us to exchange with business partners independent of time and location. After Corona, the DIP will continue to be operated for registered users and can provide valuable support to companies, research institutes and start-ups in initiating cooperation and finding innovative solutions.

It is precisely with this in mind that the HYPEREGIO DIP was initiated by the Department of Economics, Science and Europe of the City of Aachen and other players such as AGIT within the framework of the Interregio programme “Hyperegio EarlyTech” and implemented together with Innoloft GmbH. The official launch of the platform will take place on September 7. Interested parties are asked to register for the digital launch event at https://kurzelinks.de/diplaunch. From September 7th, a free registration will be available under the link https://hyperegio-dip.eu.


About the DIP Platform

The objective of the “Early Tech Program” is to network innovations from companies and research institutes in the Euregio. Economic added value can be generated by creating synergies and accelerating the market launch of technologies. A large part of the activities for networking and creating transparency in the area of innovation will be bundled digitally. The digital innovation platform (DIP) serves this purpose. It is docked to the constantly growing digital innovation network of Innoloft GmbH and to the Hyperegio platform as user interface. With their presentation on the platform, startups, research institutions and companies can draw attention to projects and their own products, network with each other and enter into new collaborations. In the search for competencies and innovative customer solutions, DIP helps with innovation scouting.

About Innoloft GmbH

The Innoloft network promotes innovation by connecting the most innovative players from all technology sectors. The network is designed to break down barriers between companies, investors and start-ups worldwide and open up economic opportunities for them. To this end, specific digital formats are used to identify development partners, new technologies, investment cases or customers and to bring together corresponding players on the B2B platform. Users are thus supported in partner acquisition, innovation scouting and lead generation.

Maximum power for our first “Digital Business Speed-Dating”

Energy & Environment

Successful launch of our new speed-dating format

The lockdown following the COVID-19 pandemic has generated many creative solutions in companies. Digital solutions were the preferred choice. Following this approach, we at Innoloft also launched our first Digital Business Speed-Dating.

In order to continue our mission – connecting the most innovative players in all tech branches and promoting their projects even in this pandemic  – we launched our first Digital Business Speed-Dating together with 11 partners on June 16, 2020.

As consequence of  COVID-19, all events for which we had planned an analogue Business Speed-Dating were cancelled or postponed. So we were looking for a quick solution. Eleven partners from our network gave us positive feedback. They actively supported us with their networks during the implementation of the virtual Business Speed-Dating.

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With 272 participants we succeeded in our biggest Business Speed-Dating event to date. A large number of startups from our networks, numerous established companies as well as investors and representatives from the research sector took part.

A total of 720 matches took place on that day. In 12-minute online conversations, all participants had the opportunity to exchange information bilaterally. With the video function, personal conversations took place, just as you know it from face-to-face, analogue meetings at trade fairs and conferences.

We were excited about your positive feedback.

Digital networking event with international orientation

Digital Business Speed-Dating Map Pap Participants


Through our matchmaking process via our platform we build bridges for you to find suitable B2B contacts for your solutions and projects. We generated the contacts based on your interests and cooperation requests. You can then further deepen the contacts afterwards. This way we support you in generating leads.

Numerous companies and startups from all over the world have not missed this opportunity. With a share of 23 percent, participants in Digital Business Speed Dating came from Singapore, China, Indonesia, India, Australia, Canada, USA, Brazil and Ukraine.

What is our mission behind?

Innovative solutions need a test field or access to the market. You as a startup have invested a lot of work in your technical solution or innovation. After all, it is waiting to be tested by potential users. As a company, you can provide this test field to the startups and maybe you are looking for such a solution for your customers yourself.

Our speed-dating events enable you to establish contact with movers and shakers quickly and easily. As a company or investor, you can also make contact with start-ups you have never met before.

Our central concern is to bring you together as potential cooperation partners to work together on innovative solutions and projects. This mission has been supported by our Digital Business Speed-Dating partners by contributing their networks. We would like to thank them sincerely for this and would like to introduce them to you individually here.

First Digital Business Speed-Dating powered by:

Digital Business Speed-Dating Partner

BDEW – Bundesverband der Energie- und Wasserwirtschaft

As the central association, BDEW Bundesverband der Energie- und Wasserwirtschaft e.V. represents your interests in the fields of electricity, gas, local and district heating, drinking water and wastewater, electricity and gas grids as well as heating and cooling networks. BDEW already unites more than 1,900 municipal and private companies from the sector. They lay great importance to a sustainable, economic and secure energy supply in Germany. Thus, BDEW is committed to climate protection and a reorganization of the energy supply taking into account the concerns of its members.

Berlin Partner for Business and Technology GmbH

Berlin Partner for Business and Technology GmbH offers you support with customized services and networks in science and politics. With its free services for startups, companies and investors, Berlin Partner helps you get a foothold in Berlin. They provide support for all your business activities in Berlin. They are a Public Private Partnership initiative. This initiative is supported by the Berlin Senate and over 280 companies and scientific institutions in Berlin. Berlin Partner is also responsible for global capital city marketing.

Digital Economy (DWNRW) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitisation and Energy of North Rhine-Westphalia – six DWNRW Hubs

The “Digital Economy NRW” initiative of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalization and Energy of the State of NRW helps startups and companies to set up and establish new digital business models. Digital solutions and digital know-how are in demand everywhere today. As startups with digital business solutions, you will receive support for your projects and for scaling up in one of the six Digital Hubs of the “Digital Economy NRW” initiative. At six locations: digitalHUB Aachen, Digital Hub Bonn, digihub Düsseldorf, Digital Hub Cologne, Digital Hub münsterLAND, ruhr:HUB they connect you with investors, medium-sized businesses, large companies and research. As an established company, the hubs provide you with access to new digital technologies for your digital change and the realignment of your processes and business models.

E-world energy & water

If you no longer want to miss a hotly discussed topic of the energy industry, then the E-world energy & water leading fair is ‘the place to be’. Europe’s energy industry meets here every year in February. On this great platform you can network and exchange ideas with decision-makers and doers. As an established company you can present your highlights and innovations here. As startups you will meet international decision makers and an interested B2B audience. There will also be exciting impulses for current market trends, the challenges and solutions for the energy world. E-world energy & water is thus a source of inspiration for the industry and beyond.

EIT – European Institute of Innovation and Technology

The EIT’s mission is to promote innovation and partnerships across the European continent. With its various innovation communities, it brings together business, education and research to bring together universities, labs and companies and to create solutions to existing challenges. To this end, the EIT carries out a wide range of innovation and entrepreneurship activities. It includes training and courses that teach technical and entrepreneurial skills as well as business creation and acceleration services.

Inno Energy

As an innovation engine for sustainable energy InnoEnergy is your contact for your innovation projects throughout Europe. InnoEnergy is supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. With a holistic view of the energy value chain they are committed to the introduction of groundbreaking new technologies.

EIT Digital

EIT Digital will help you grow your deep tech business throughout Europe. With its focus on entrepreneurship, EIT Digital offers tailor-made growth support to help European technology scale-ups build international client relationships and raise capital. Its focus is on strategic and social challenges in Europe.


EnergieAgentur.NRW offers a broad range of tasks and comprehensive expertise in the energy sector. On behalf of the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia, it supports you in all questions relating to energy. Its field of activity includes energy research, technical development, demonstrations and pilot projects, as well as market launch. The EnergieAgentur.NRW not only supports and advises companies and end consumers, but also local authorities. It offers you a broad programme of events, as well as a wide range of information on energy, the economical use of energy and climate protection. Via its social media channels you will be kept up to date on the activities and events of the EnergieAgentur.NRW.

GTAI – Germany Trade & Invest

Germany Trade & Invest GTAI is the foreign trade agency of the Federal Republic of Germany. It promotes Germany as a business location and helps foreign companies to settle in Germany by providing you with free industry analyses, information on tax and legal issues as well as on financing and funding opportunities in Germany. They also support you in exporting your products abroad or gaining a foothold in foreign markets. Moreover, GTAI helps you with research, information and updates on call for tenders.


You do not focus solely on the energy sector, but work on solutions for the industry? Then you’ve come to the right place at HANNOVER MESSE. It is probably the most important platform for everyone working on technologies related to industrial processes, from research and development, manufacturing, industrial automation, logistics and services to energy and mobility technologies. It thus combines key technologies and the core areas of industry in one place. You can use the resulting synergies for your business and establish international contacts with decision-makers from industrial companies. Every year in April HANNOVER MESSE opens its doors for you.

SET – Startup Energy Transition of the German Energy Agency (dena)

As a global innovation platform, SET supports you in finding partners and implementing your innovations for the energy turnaround. The SET platform brings you together with companies and investors. The SET Award and the SET Tech Festival create a stage for all your solutions and business models with which a sustainable future can be created. With its growing global network, SET connects you with political decision-makers and organizes direct exchange for you. SET is an initiative of the German Energy Agency dena in cooperation with the World Energy Council WEC.

VINCI Energies

As a service provider and systems integrator, VINCI Energies helps you to modernise your infrastructures and build digital solutions in the fields of industrial engineering, energy technology, IT and building services. With its focus on implementing new technologies, VINIC Energies ensures that energy, transport and communication infrastructures in factories, buildings and information systems are state-of-the-art. In doing so, they lay the foundations for digital transformation and energy system transformation.


Finally, some information on our own behalf…

If you don’t want to miss any more of our events, please register on our platform. All those who are working on innovative solutions and are looking for cooperation partners for their innovation projects can become members of our innovation network.

By registering with a personal and/or company profile on Innoloft, you can use many features of our platform completely free of charge and get notified about our next Digital Business Speed-Dating.

As a startup you can apply as “Startup of the Week” with a completely filled out profile and your cooperation application. We will promote you with an interview on our blog as well as on our and our White Label Partner Platforms. We also distribute your interview via our social media channels. This way, we help you to grow your brand-awareness!

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dena and SET launch the SET Network with Innoloft: Innovations, networks and partnerships for energy system transition

Energy & Environment, Energy Efficiency and Environment, Energy Market & Trading, Energy Supply

The topic of energy system transformation is more urgent than ever. Due to our digitized way of life, we now consume about ten times as much electricity as our fellow human beings did about fifty years ago. Time is pressing. But how can we succeed in generating and using energy exclusively clean, affordable and safe?

In Germany, about one third of the electricity comes from renewable energies, i.e. wind power, solar energy or biomass. Emissions of climate-damaging greenhouse gases are being successively reduced and the last three nuclear power plants in Germany are to be shut down by 2022. This is a correct approach, but no panacea.

Innovative energy industry: Start-ups bring new dynamism to the energy transition

To support political approaches and decisions, the energy industry needs a fresh spirit, spontaneity and flexibility. All the better that there are more and more young founders who come up with innovative ideas and solutions. But it is precisely these young founders who need support from investors and experienced companies in order to develop and establish their innovations. Often, this is exactly the point where they fail and good and innovative ideas cannot be pursued further because money and expertise are lacking.

Start Up Energy Transition launches SET Network – with support from Innoloft

This is the focus of the German Energy Agency (dena) and the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi): The Start Up Energy Transition (SET) Global Innovation Platform is intended to offer energy transition start-ups various forms of support, i.e. through the annual SET Award and SET Tech Festival.

Similarly, the Start Up Transition (SET) is established with an international focus as a global forum and with the conviction that a sustainable future is directly linked to innovative business models and political will. The operating organisation here is dena as well – in cooperation with the World Energy Council.

In order not only to continue this promising approach but also to deepen it, on July 1st, the SET Network with an international approach was launched together with Innoloft. This is a network that is aimed equally at start-ups, established companies and interested investors. Start-ups can network with interested companies, investors can compare attractive investment opportunities and established corporates can promote cooperations with young start-ups. In the end, joint innovative product ideas can be developed and brought to market.

Numerous features offer quick and uncomplicated ways to accelerate the networking of the individual players and thus drive forward innovations for the energy transition: With the help of applications, startups can, for example, communicate directly which resources they need for product development or whether investors are being sought. Meanwhile, companies and corporates use the search for startups in the energy sector to pursue their own use cases, and investors are offered an overview of the latest innovations to find promising projects.

Click here for free registration and further information about the SET Network.

Innoloft Benefits Program – Boost your Startup

Banking & Finance, Energy & Environment, IT & ICT, Mobility, Smart City & Buildings


Startups face numerous challenges with each startup period bringing its own. In the seed phase, every activity focuses on turning a concept and functional prototypes into a marketable product. According to this the focus is on winning customers and partners with a well thought-out business model. In addition to market access, startups primarily need advice and financing.

In the growth phase, the number of customers and thus the turnover increases. However, this in turn requires the recruitment of new employees and the establishment of suitable corporate structures. These often lay the foundation for the following years. At the same time, the expectations and quality standards of customers with regard to products and services often grow during this phase. Business strategies are also adjusted or expansion is carried out in this phase. New business partners are gained and the own company network grows.

But no matter what phase a startup is in, the lack of resources is always a bottleneck. Startups need support and assistance in the form of access to infrastructure and networks as well as to financial and non-monetary resources.

Partner of the Innoloft Benefits Program

As a startup we know from our own experience how important it is to be supported in its activities. That is why we have initiated the Innoloft Benefits Program. Together with partners we offer you startup assistance.

Our partners currently include Amazon Web Services (AWS). Through their AWS Activate Program they provide companies with infrastructure services. As a startup, you can register for this via our platform and receive credits worth up to $5,000. One of the conditions to profit from the AWS-Benefit is that you invite another startup to our innovation network, which registers with its own profile. The invited startup in turn can use our network with all its features for free and can also participate in the Innoloft Benefits Program.

Click here for more information about the Innoloft Benefits Program:

Learn more about the Innoloft Benefits Program

Eventbuddy GmbH

One startup that could already profit from the Benefits Program is the Eventbuddy GmbH. The Eventbuddy GmbH offers an innovative and intuitive platform for event management and digital ticket sales.

“As a startup in the growth phase, you are quickly confronted with the scaling of your digital infrastructure. Through Innoloft’s Benefits Program, we were able to profit from a partnership with Amazon Web Services, so we can now focus on the further development of our platform.” – Lucian Holtwiesche, Head of Product 

Digital B2B support to cushion the corona crisis

Energy & Environment, Health & FoodTech, Industry 4.0 & Logistics, Mobility, Smart City & Buildings

Innoloft supports you with its digital network in times of Corona

The COVID19 pandemic is spreading worldwide. It affects all of us and comes along with lots of uncertainty. What we will face in the upcoming months nobody knows. The economic consequences of the crisis can’t really be quantified yet. Nevertheless, we are not completely helpless facing the crisis. While there are major cuts in the analogue economy and the “lockdown” forces to slow economy activities, digital solutions can help to bridge this situation. Millions of people in Germany and around the world currently work from home. Doing home office would not work without internet connections, digital tools and platforms.

Plenty of companies are currently offering support in these times of crisis. We at Innoloft would also like to contribute and help to cushion the economic restrictions. We’re making our digital network platform available as a “white label application” to networks, associations, clusters, trade fairs and other private organizations. For this purpose we adapt it according to your corporate design. Our Innoloft network operating system is designed to initiate business contacts and connect solution providers, such as startups, with solution seekers.


What features does our digital B2B networking platform provide you?

– Create company profiles & personal profiles

– Place technologies, products and services

– Find business partners

– Automated business matchmaking

– Share news across your ecosystem

– Access a global network of innovation stakeholders


In addition to these key functions, the digital B2B network platform with its network feed, chat and mailing functions between network members offers further opportunities to exchange information and stay in touch with network users. Thus, the platform supports you in establishing new business relationships and serving existing ones, regardless of time and place.


Economic added value via digitised business relations also for the time after COVID19

With our digital B2B network platform, we would like to give you support for a difficult period of time. For this reason our offer is limited in time. For a period of six month, we are able to provide you with the platform in your design and we’ll make ends meet to shift the development costs. The platform is only suitable as a business network and is not designed for private use.

In the long term, we want to be available to you as a digital B2B network that will enable you to prepare for the digital future, even after the coronavirus. Our platform offers you and your network members the chance to network effectively with other companies, start-ups, organisations. You can establish and maintain business relationships in a digital manner. With the functions mentioned above, our platform offers numerous opportunities for new “customer leads”, partnerships, contacts, innovations and projects.


Learn more about our Platform

Are you interested in our six-month Corona B2B support offer and would like to learn more about it?
Get in touch with our CEO, Sven Pietsch.

Contact and further information

Email: s.pietsch@innoloft.com
Phone: +49 152 33668237

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“Flexibility as a business model” – Where are lucrative business opportunities for energy companies?

Energy & Environment

Our lattest issue of our industry trend report “blue oceans” provides answers

The current issue of our industry trend report “blue oceans”, produced together with energate, deals with the question of how “flexibility as a business model” in the energy sector can be used. The third issue on this topic was published in February 2020. In addition to a comprehensive market analysis using the Innoloft database and insights from our partner energate, we present concrete flexibility solutions by using examples. In the report, you will find news, interviews with startups, requests for cooperation in the form of calls and a detailed business case. With this case, we present you with a business model for flexibility marketing that is little known but already profitable.


Flexibility in the energy sector is a broad topic. Its importance is growing because of new technological developments and the increasing spread of renewable energies, energy storage, and electromobility while at the same time reducing conventional energy production. Thus flexibility affects the areas of generation and consumption as well as the areas of trade or cross-sectoral use of energy.


Six startup use-cases with “flexibility as a business model”

Using six examples from our trend report, we would like to present to you in excerpts the flexibility solutions that young companies and startups are offering and the business approaches they are pursuing. In interviews, their CEOs share their views on the development of the topic. Our trend report, as well as our Innoloft database, provides you with more details and startups.

blue oceans trendreport


Sympower – flexibility for networks with the help of Demand-Side-Management

The Dutch startup Sympower was founded in 2015. Their product opens up flexibility based on flexible consumers, such as intelligent heating and cooling systems for households and companies for energy supply. With their demand-side management (DSM) solution, they offer the energy supply system an alternative to fossil fuels as flexibility reserves. Instead of coal and gas power plants, they integrate heating and cooling systems, energy storage, ventilation systems, water boilers and other devices located in the vicinity. They pool these sources of flexibility on one platform. With their DSM solution, greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced and fluctuations in the supply of renewable energy can be balanced. Transmission system operators, as their main customers, can derive added value from their offer. Thus they are able to react to increasing demands on the energy market.


In his interview in the blue oceans trend report, Simon Bushell, Founder and CEO of Sympower B.V. tells you more about their Demand Response Solution for energy grids.


View Sympower Profile


Bl!xt – Analog circuit-breakers converted into digital multifunction switches

The startup Blixt has its focus on circuit breakers. It was founded 2018 in Sweden. While conventional circuit breakers are used to switch off the power, Blixt has developed a digital alternative. With their multifunctional switch, they can not only control energy flows but also monitor them. Their circuit breakers enable real-time remote control of the household’s energy supply. This provides consumers and energy service providers a new tool. They combine different functions of a breaker, remote control, and smart meter – all in one single device. Thus they create the prerequisites for intelligent demand-side management. As a B2B company, Blixt has set itself the task of bringing a new digital circuit breaker infrastructure to the market. But they are not doing this on their own. They want to cooperate together with existing suppliers and face the demands of a future energy market.


Why Bl!xt is focussing on digital circuit breakers and how their technology can contribute to flexibility Charlotta Holmquist, Co-Founder and CFO, explains in her interview in the blue oceans trend report.


View Blixt Profile


Urban Energy – Controlling charging points with the help of smart grid technologies

With its Energy Data Hub, urban ENERGY connects consumers and producers in an intelligent way. The startup from Berlin has created a B2B software IoT platform that uses intelligent algorithms to collect all data in urban districts in real-time. In order to manage plants, buildings and charging points in a way that relieves the strain on the grid, AI models create forecasts. For example, it calculates when the best time is to charge an electric vehicle. With its smart grid solution, urban Energy is initially focusing on municipal utilities and housing associations. The solution may also be of interest to logistics and commercial customers who are converting to an electric fleet.


David Stolz, the CEO, talks in his interview in the blue oceans trend report amongst others, how their solution prevents the grid becoming a bottleneck for e-mobility and how they are going to use flexibility marketing to grow.


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EnergyCortex – Creating transparency in energy data

High energy consumption generates high energy costs. Both are directly connected with each other and play a significant role, especially for commercial and industrial customers. The company EnergyCortex, founded in Aachen in 2018, pursues the goal of reducing energy costs and energy consumption for end consumers by using AI-based data analysis. EnergyCortex has developed intelligent cloud solutions. Their software provides an interface to the data of its customers and its own services. It can be used to prepare and visualize data. Currently, they serve the B2B segment in Germany with their cross-sector, intelligent services. At the same time, there is the possibility of a worldwide roll-out.


Bastian Baumgart, the CEO, talks in his interview in the blue oceans trend report, how they ensure transparency for commercial and industrial customers and what kind of added value their solution provides.


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Senfal – Generating economic added value for customers on the basis of AI

Senfal, founded in the Netherlands in 2014, has developed a demand-response platform using a self-learning algorithm. Their AI-based solution regulates electricity purchases based on energy consumption data from plants and companies whose market prices are forecast for intra-day electricity trading. This enables them to control the consumption of the plants and to optimize the purchase of electricity. In this way, the startup can generate economic added value for its customers. At the same time, customers have transparent access to the information. Senfal was purchased by Vattenfall in 2019.


Bart de Vries, Business Owner, Vattenfall Flexibility Services gives more insights to Senfal’s solution in his blue oceans trend report interview. He answers in detail the question of what the advantage is to be part of a big energy supplier.


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gridX – Strengthening customer benefits with the help of flexible platform solutions

Founded in Aachen in 2016, the startup has developed a platform in conjunction with a holistic energy-IoT solution. It connects end devices independently of manufacturers and manages their energy consumption. Their Independent Homes, Smart Charging, Microgrids, and Smart Commercial solutions provide connectivity and communication of a bunch of devices. In doing so, they connect a wide variety of manufacturers and devices. In the long term, the platform will integrate not only energy consumers and storage devices but also producers such as virtual power plants. For the marketing of its solutions, gridX is already relying on strong partnerships to achieve win-win situations and create customer benefits.


How gridX is going to achieve its goal to become the central platform for energy producers and consumers and why the customer can participate in their business model, David Balensiefen, Co-Founder and CEO is explaining in his blue ocean trend report interview.


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There are plenty of flexibility solutions for the energy market. Using these in a targeted manner by using new intelligent technologies is a task that startups and young companies have taken on. The global energy turnaround and the worldwide transformation of energy systems the topic of “flexibility as a business model” is gaining importance. Our trend analysis shows this, as do the examples and the survey of market players in the energy industry conducted by energate.


blue oceans offers all innovative market players who are dealing with new business fields in the energy market in general and promising business models in the field of flexibility in particular relevant information on the flexibility trend as a future topic of the energy industry.


Do you like to take a short look? Here you will find a reading sample as well as the whole report.


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Broad innovations for the transformation of the energy system

Energy & Environment

Austria strengthens its role as an energy innovation country

Our Austrian neighbours are also working intensively on converting their energy system to sustainable and renewable energy. With their climate and energy strategy #Mission2030, they are pushing ahead with the expansion of renewable energies. Umweltförderung (UFI) and the Climate and Energy Fonds (KLI.EN) also support the promotion of projects for the sector-coupled use of renewable energy in the heating, building and mobility sectors. Thereby, 9 million tons of CO2 emissions could be saved each year in Austria, provided that the share of renewable energy increases.

Merely with the current technologies it will be difficult. Further expansion will require technologies and innovations on the one hand and actors as well as markets on the other. Applications and use-cases will only arise when research results and technologies leave research laboratories and find their way into practice, for example through pilot projects. Similarly, innovative business models bring new solutions to the market. Here, statutory regulations as well as financial resources and lighthouse projects are helpful for pionieering innovations. Dr. Leonhard Schitter, MA, President of Austria’s Energy Agency (OE) and Maria Patek, Federal Minister for Sustainability and Tourism, conveyed these messages to the participants of the fourth Austrian Energy Trendforum.


Fourth Austrian Energy Trendforum with focus on innovations and startups

The event took place on 21 November 2019 for the fourth time this year in Vienna on the topic “Innovations for the energy system of the 21st century”. The importance of research and future technologies as well as their implementation in the industry as means to reduce CO2 emissions were emphasized.

“Energy is the top topic of our time” said Dipl. Ing.in Maria Patek, Federal Minister of Economics for Sustainability and Tourism, MBA

“Austria and the EU have set themselves very ambitious goals. By 2050, Europe should be the first climate-neutral continent. At the same time, prosperity and competitiveness must be maintained at a high level. The courage to innovate is the driving force behind an eco-social market economy that successfully meets the challenges of the 21st century. Research and innovation are a basic prerequisite for achieving national and international climate and energy goals”.


Decarbonisation requires new technologies and innovations

Accordingly, there is a high demand for innovations. In cooperation with the Austrian E-Economy „Oesterreichs E-Wirtschaft“ OE, we launched an innovation platform. On this platform we collect and filter information and cooperation requests to accelerate the realization of innovative projects. Companies, startups and investors can create their own profile on said platform. Startups can publish requests for free to find suitable development, sales or strategic partners as well as investors. This gives them more visibility to established companies. At the same time, companies can also submit cooperation requests or initiate specific challenges where innovative startups apply for cooperation projects.

“In this way, we can accelerate innovation. We are very pleased about the cooperation with OE,” says our CEO, Sven Pietsch. “It helps us to further connect the innovation ecosystems of Germany and Austria. To fulfill our mission, we are dependent on partners. Therefore, the procedure would not be possible without the support of OE“, Sven continues and added: „The cooperation with OE has been running for 2 years. After the first good experiences, we have now improved the platform again to provide members of the association with even more functions such as LIVE Matching. Users can easily adjust in which areas they are currently looking for innovation and regularly receive suggestions, innovative project ideas or find implementation partners via the platform”.

Click here to take a deeper look at the new OE Innovation Platform.


Startup Pitches at the 4th Austrian Energy Trendforum

Three other startups, Greenwell Energie GmbH, MYPV and Luvside pitched their innovations at the fourth Trendforum. Greenwell Energie GmbH developed a smart solution for providing geothermal energy to the agricultural sector. The startup MYPV ensures the use of PV power for heat supply in rooms and for hot water supply. Startup Luvside is working on vertical rotors for the offshore sector. Greenwell Energie will present its solution to a large professional audience at Austria’s Energy Congress 2020.

These and many more startups can be found with more information in our Innoloft database.


Picture credits: OE / Christian Fürthner

Picture description: Dr. Leonhard Schitter, President of OE (2nd left), Maria Patek, Federal Minister for Sustainability and Tourism for Energy Policy (middle, left), Sven Pietsch (middle, right), CEO Innoloft GmbH; Barbara Schmidt, Secretary General of OE (2nd right)


Energieloft becomes Innoloft: Here´s why! The Story behind us.

Energy & Environment, IT & ICT, Mobility, Smart City & Buildings


Dear network member, dear network partner,

1st October 2019: Energieloft becomes Innoloft. A day and a milestone that we have been working towards for a long time. You wonder what moved us to this step? We’d like to share this with you and take you through our startup journey. Let’s first take a look back at the very beginning, the starting point of our journey.


How it began


Why is progress on the energy transition, one of the greatest challenges of our time, moving so slowly? This was the question we asked ourselves four years ago at the end of 2015. We, the founding team, were in the final stages of our studies and were looking for answers to the big question in our immediate environment. As it turned out, outcomes from many research projects remained locked away in old file cabinets, never reaching implementation in the business world. How could we change this? Our solution: A digital platform that digitizes the transfer of research – “ener.wi – transparente Energiewende” – was born.

We quickly noticed that research and established companies are quite well connected and that interest in our platform was limited. However, we repeatedly received requests from contacts in established companies: “We’re looking for startups with innovative technologies and business models. Do you also have these in your network?”

Since we are a startup ourselves, we were also confronted with the fact that nobody knew us and that finding pilot customers and partners was a big effort. It became very clear to us that young and nameless startups developing highly innovative business models and technologies, are not sufficiently networked. From this problem came Energieloft at the beginning of 2016.


From database to network


Initially “only” a startup database, we soon came to the conclusion that a database alone does not solve the networking problem sufficiently and that digitisation offers far more options. Thus the development of new, intelligent formats, such as our Startup Speed-Datings or Challenges, led us away from a pure database to a network.

At the same time, more and more companies realized that they needed the innovative power of young, avant-garde companies. Whereas newly founded startups are looking for partnerships with established companies to gain access to customers and resources. For both sides, this means tangible win-win advantages. Both newcomers and established companies benefit from cooperation. Since then, more and more startups and established companies from the energy sector in Germany joined our network and came together via our platform, our formats and our projects in the field of business model development. A success of which we are quite proud of.


Industry convergence and internationalisation meets Energieloft


In recent years, established companies in the energy sector have been pivoting more and more to new sectors and looking for new business fields as part of their innovation activities. As a result, we kept being asked more and more often whether we as Energieloft also addressed new topics such as mobility, smart city or industry 4.0. Slightly irritated, we always replied: “Yes, of course! We are an innovation network.” This gave us the impression that even the name “Energieloft” might not be the best choice for the established energy sector.

At the same time, not only did we want to accelerate innovations abroad with our network, but the startups in our network also signalled the interest in networking abroad. When we began to stumble across the name “Energyloft” with our first partners and customers abroad, we thought to ourselves: “Hmm, that’s actually not our name, it’s not how you write it”.

Not only the experiences described above, but also the realization that global and cross-sectional innovations are necessary to solve the social and economic challenges of our time. This led us a while ago to the conclusion that Energieloft must become Innoloft.

And here we are: Innoloft.


Not just a new look: Energieloft becomes Innoloft


We’ve been working for several months on our change of name and corporate identity. But not only that. Our platform should also come with a new look and new features to make networking even faster and easier.

Our new intelligent matching system is waiting for you! It will connect you with suitable business contacts in a matter of seconds based on your requests. In addition, Innoloft now offers you a personalized network feed that will keep you up-to-date on relevant network activities, but also many new search and filter functions to make it even easier for you to find innovations and partners.

We’re very excited to show you our new features, and we have many more in our pipeline!

We kindly invite you to take a look at our new platform! We look forward to your feedback, reach us any time at contact@innoloft.com.

Your (now) Innoloft Team