E-car sharing is just the beginning: How a municipal utility is opening up a new business segment with Innoloft

Energy & Environment, Mobility


Energy transition, digitalization and new mobility concepts – trends are changing the environment in which municipal utilities and energy suppliers operate. Driven by these changes, many are pursuing the expansion of environmentally friendly forms of energy and the development towards a digital company in order to position themselves on the market in the long term. One such company is Stadtwerke Neuss in North Rhine-Westphalia, the energy provider for the city’s 150,000 citizens.
With which new offers and business models should we start? Which technologies and partners are needed for implementation? And how can we ensure that a sustainable and profitable business model is created in the long run? These are questions that Stadtwerke Neuss has asked itself and to which Innoloft has the answers. How we found these answers – more about that in the following.

From the idea to the business model

As an innovation driver, we at Innoloft support you with brainstorming, business model development and the corresponding implementation. In a first step, innovative ideas for new business models and their functionality were explained and sources of income and cost structures evaluated in a joint workshop with the municipal utility. The aim is to jointly develop a business model tailored to the customer’s requirements and needs. The focus of Stadtwerke Neuss was primarily on creating a new, comprehensive mobility offer for its own employees and customers as well as citizens and visitors to the city of Neuss.
The selected solution is a mobility platform that provides long-term access to flexible mobility in Neuss in the form of electric sharing offers. Revenues are generated directly through the sharing operation on the one hand and through cooperation with local companies on the other.

Suitable implementation partners from the Innoloft Innovation Network

After defining the business model, the components required for implementation are determined and compared with the customer’s existing resources. For the components to be procured additionally, the market is screened for potential partners. For this purpose, we primarily use our digital innovation network, which represents over 4000 products from innovative startups and established companies as solution providers.
The Aachen-based startup Digital Mobility Solutions (MOQO) – as part of our network – was commissioned in the Neuss project with the technical implementation of the sharing offers. MOQO offers a Shared Mobility Platform as a white label solution, through which the most diverse vehicles can be integrated and made available to users. The platform digitalizes all processes from booking and billing to driver license validation.

Profitability does not fall by the wayside

In parallel, a detailed profitability calculation is carried out on the basis of indicative offers. For this purpose, all foreseeable costs are summed up before a viable business model or a comprehensive financial plan is developed. After the profitability calculation has been agreed, the partners in question are selected. In addition to the financial aspects, interface functions and integrability are also taken into account.
On top of the concept work, we also accompany the project implementation. As project managers, we ensure that not only all parties involved work together smoothly, but also that all components fit together seamlessly.

A result with a future

As a result of our joint work, Stadtwerke Neuss was able to open its first two mobile stations. The people of Neuss now have four electric Renault Zoes at their disposal, which can be borrowed via a booking platform. In the long term, the mobile stations will be expanded to include other forms of mobility and vehicle types. Then it will be possible for customers to explore the streets of Neuss on electric scooters and the offer will be completed with pedelecs. An increase in the number of stations is also planned. In addition, a local building construction association is already looking forward to cooperating with the municipal utility. In the next few weeks, it will also be able to offer its tenants two electric Renault Zoes for use in one of its residential areas.

Opening up innovative business fields with the Innoloft Innovation Network

The example of Stadtwerke Neuss shows that trends successfully create new business areas for energy suppliers and that it is often possible to fall back on existing solution providers when implementing corresponding offers and business models. For this reason, the Innoloft Innovation Network offers companies the opportunity to search for innovative products and services and to contact the relevant provider directly via the platform.
Furthermore, we support in different ways the fast and cost-effective development of new business models as well as the development of holistic innovation processes. If you are interested in our offers and services, please contact us directly and arrange an appointment today.