Your Idea, One Platform, No Code

Now anyone can become a developer. Tailor-made pages, versatile modules, and simplified application management. With LoftOS, you bring your ideas to life and develop them at the speed of thought.


Effortlessly craft stunning pages, no code required

Screenshot of the integrated webpage builder Pages that  allows you to easily build an online presence to attract your audience.

No-code builder

Code holding your vision back? Our no-code web builder brings your ideas to life without the tech struggles. Build your dream site effortlessly.

Extensive template library

Stop wasting time designing from scratch. Choose from a vast collection of stunning, customizable templates and go live in minutes, not months.

Flexible layouts

Our flexible layouts adapt to your needs. Create a unique site that perfectly reflects your brand.


Collaboration and networking seamlessly integrated

Screenshot overview of the variety of networking tools that come with LoftOS to streamline member communication.

Tailor-made profiles

Tired of one-size-fits-all user profiles? Build specialized member and organization profiles to make each of your users feel like a VIP.

Streamlined events

Host unforgettable experiences your users won’t find anywhere else. Virtual, live or hybrid, your community is always on!

Customizable matchmaking

Experience a B2B matchmaking platform that is truly yours. Define your own rules, sit back, and watch the connections flourish around the clock.

Built-in messenger

Enable your platform members to communicate, connect, and build relationships from the get-go with built-in messaging.


Experience the freedom of a fully customizable app

Screenshot of custom modules & settings in LoftOS that add versatility to your platform.

Custom modules

Enhance your platform with functionalities that perfectly align with your goals. Design specialized databases and user-friendly interfaces, all without coding.

Configurable attributes

Capture and show the precise data you need. From multiple-choice fields to file uploads, easily define the input formats that matter most to your platform and users.

Adjustable layout

Showcase your data the way you want with multiple view options.

Advanced filters

Easily customize what you show in each module. Focus on the data most relevant to your users.


Effortless access control and permissions management

Screenshot of access settings, analytic insights and membership segmentations available in LoftOS

Access control

You’re in the driver’s seat. Craft a secure, custom user access. Choose who enters your platform, ensuring only the right eyes see your content.


One size does not fit all. Define user roles and decide what they can do and see on your platform.

Multistep onboarding

Collect key information and create custom welcoming journeys that make new users feel at home, right from the start.

Usage analytics

Knowledge is power. Dive deep into your data and uncover the insights you need.


Unlock new revenue streams with premium memberships

Screenshot of 3 packages to monetize four LoftOS platform.

Tiered memberships

Not all users are created equal. Maximize your revenue with tailored-made plans that cater to every user’s needs and budget.

Granular access control

Turn your platform into a members-only club. Decide who gets access to what and keep your premium content exclusive.

Payment processing with Stripe

Seamless transactions are the lifeblood of success. Keep your payments flowing smoothly and let Stripe take care of the hard work.

Kevin Bruns, startup.niedersachsen

LoftOS is a great tool to build a community, to reach out to people and connect them. Don’t try to build your own platform from scratch. Leverage the flexibility of a no code platform like LoftOS.
Portrait Kevin Bruns

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