investify is the Startup of the Week 1: Customized investment solutions

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The financial world is digitizing – and new challenges are emerging. For this, we need technology-based solutions. Our Startup of the Week investify provides these solutions. investify is a Luxembourgian-German technology and regulatory provider. Their goal: to improve investment actions through innovative solutions. We caught up with CEO Dr. Harald Brock for an interview to learn more about investify.

Hello Harald! Nice to have you here today. Tell us about what investify does briefly.

investify TECH was founded to solve the current challenges in the securities business in a technology-based way – our customers include renowned financials, such as banks etc., but also non-financials such as financial portals and technology companies.

How do you implement your mission technically?

The investify iP3 platform is the basis for customer-centric white label solutions. If required, our spectrum covers all processes from onboarding to customer service. This allows partners to focus on sales in the best possible way. 

With all our products, our platform approach and the automation of processes ensure that  we create not only high-quality but also efficient solutions.

Our partners’ investment solutions are developed from front-end, back-end, algorithmic and regulatory modules. Our microservice architecture allows us to achieve maximum customer centricity (tayloring) based on proven platform standards. This, together with the Software as a Service (SaaS) approach, significantly reduces implementation costs and risks.

If required, our API interfaces ensure comprehensive integration into the partner’s systems. Alternatively, our solutions can also be built completely autonomously and operated in standard cloud technologies.

What makes you stand out in the digital finance world?

Fewer and fewer customers want off-the-peg services. This is just as true for sneakers as it is for financial services. investify addresses this customer need and creates personalized products. This is how we achieve:

  • More customer satisfaction
  • More customer interaction
  • Higher willingness to recommend
  • Lower price sensitivity
  • Less comparability

In line with the mass customization approach, we make the necessary processes simple for partners and your customers, such as the selection of thematic investments as part of a core-satellite approach. Our fitting algorithms, for example, ensure that the services offered are a perfect match for customers and their risk appetite. 

One of our strengths is that, as a regulatory provider, we can take over regulated processes and activities for our partners within the framework of business process outsourcing (BPO) (loss threshold monitoring, reporting, etc.). Security and compliance are our top priorities.

Our regulatory modules are based on a financial portfolio manager license with the CSSF in Luxembourg. Within the framework of EU passporting, we can offer our services throughout Europe. As a technology-oriented company, we have also digitized numerous regulatory requirements and processes.

With our regulatory and digitalization offering, we support our partners in implementing state-of-the-art value creation architectures. Particularly in the current market environment, it is becoming increasingly important to outsource regulated and unregulated activities. This enables partners to save costs and improve their competitiveness.

We also offer comprehensive service packages for non-financials, enabling them to offer investment solutions even without their own license. In this case, investify acts, for example, legally as asset manager or closing agent under a brand of the B2B partner.

How did you build your business model?

We have three revenue streams: 

  1. setup fees: for connection of the platform and customization based on customer requirements
  2. assets under management (AuM) fees: for regulatory activities etc.
  3. software as a service (SaaS) fees: for the use of the software.

We adapt our pricing individually to the business model of our partners.

What is your target group?

We have a track record to be proud of! Renowned financials and non-financials from different sectors rely on investify’s excellent technology, regulatory and investment expertise.

Our target group consists of banks, insurance companies, financial service providers and asset managers, but also non-financials such as financial portals and technology companies.

Primarily, we operate in the German-speaking region, but we want to expand our sales network here. For example, there is also an English version of our B2B site where interested parties can find more information.

What are proud moments in the development of investify, that you like to look back on?

Our own Robo Advisor has been on the market since 12/2016 and has been continuously developed since then. In various performance comparisons, investify can be found in the top group and we are also regularly awarded in customer reviews (e.g. BankingCheck Award as best Robo-Advisor 2020).

Since 2018, we have also steadily expanded the circle of our B2B partnerships. The special feature is that our customers can obtain solutions in a modular system or completely individual solutions. This gives each partner the opportunity to contribute their individual strengths and corporate values and, as a consequence, to focus completely on their core competencies.


Harald, thank you very much for this exciting interview. We wish you continued success, especially in 2021. 

If you want to learn more about investify, just check out their Innoloft profile.

The Business Development Agency of the City of Aachen and Innoloft launch digital innovation platform for EUREGIO Meuse-Rhine

Banking & Finance, Energy & Environment, Health & FoodTech, IT & ICT, Mobility

Digital platform supports Aachen’s companies and startups

With its digital innovation platform (DIP), the Business Development Agency of the City of Aachen supports companies and start-ups: The platform offers the possibility to get new business partners (for example B2B customers). In addition, the innovation platform presents innovative technologies and solutions from the region and thus supports companies in innovation scouting.

Platform solution for business activities

The DIP is available free of charge to all companies in the Aachen region. Thus, numerous features of the platform enable the initiation of business relations between companies and the direct exchange among each other. For this purpose, companies, research institutions and start-ups can register on the platform and enter their own profile. This profile can then be used to post products, services and technologies to communicate them in Aachen and beyond. To enable solution providers and solution seekers to find each other directly on the platform, it is possible to publish customer and cooperation requests in the form of “Requests” on the platform. A matchmaking algorithm helps to find suitable partners and customers automatically.

Contact initiation and networking by digital means

Users have the possibility to get in contact with each other via the built-in chat functions. This facilitates the exchange in times of home office without the opportunity for personal meetings. “The DIP platform can thus take on a sub-task of trade fairs, events and conferences, namely getting to know, networking and initiating business and innovative projects,” says Dieter Begass, Head of Economic Development Aachen. It allows us to overcome spatial distances, because it enables us to exchange with business partners independent of time and location. After Corona, the DIP will continue to be operated for registered users and can provide valuable support to companies, research institutes and start-ups in initiating cooperation and finding innovative solutions.

It is precisely with this in mind that the HYPEREGIO DIP was initiated by the Department of Economics, Science and Europe of the City of Aachen and other players such as AGIT within the framework of the Interregio programme “Hyperegio EarlyTech” and implemented together with Innoloft GmbH. The official launch of the platform will take place on September 7. Interested parties are asked to register for the digital launch event at From September 7th, a free registration will be available under the link


About the DIP Platform

The objective of the “Early Tech Program” is to network innovations from companies and research institutes in the Euregio. Economic added value can be generated by creating synergies and accelerating the market launch of technologies. A large part of the activities for networking and creating transparency in the area of innovation will be bundled digitally. The digital innovation platform (DIP) serves this purpose. It is docked to the constantly growing digital innovation network of Innoloft GmbH and to the Hyperegio platform as user interface. With their presentation on the platform, startups, research institutions and companies can draw attention to projects and their own products, network with each other and enter into new collaborations. In the search for competencies and innovative customer solutions, DIP helps with innovation scouting.

About Innoloft GmbH

The Innoloft network promotes innovation by connecting the most innovative players from all technology sectors. The network is designed to break down barriers between companies, investors and start-ups worldwide and open up economic opportunities for them. To this end, specific digital formats are used to identify development partners, new technologies, investment cases or customers and to bring together corresponding players on the B2B platform. Users are thus supported in partner acquisition, innovation scouting and lead generation.

Innoloft Benefits Program – Boost your Startup

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Startups face numerous challenges with each startup period bringing its own. In the seed phase, every activity focuses on turning a concept and functional prototypes into a marketable product. According to this the focus is on winning customers and partners with a well thought-out business model. In addition to market access, startups primarily need advice and financing.

In the growth phase, the number of customers and thus the turnover increases. However, this in turn requires the recruitment of new employees and the establishment of suitable corporate structures. These often lay the foundation for the following years. At the same time, the expectations and quality standards of customers with regard to products and services often grow during this phase. Business strategies are also adjusted or expansion is carried out in this phase. New business partners are gained and the own company network grows.

But no matter what phase a startup is in, the lack of resources is always a bottleneck. Startups need support and assistance in the form of access to infrastructure and networks as well as to financial and non-monetary resources.

Partner of the Innoloft Benefits Program

As a startup we know from our own experience how important it is to be supported in its activities. That is why we have initiated the Innoloft Benefits Program. Together with partners we offer you startup assistance.

Our partners currently include Amazon Web Services (AWS). Through their AWS Activate Program they provide companies with infrastructure services. As a startup, you can register for this via our platform and receive credits worth up to $5,000. One of the conditions to profit from the AWS-Benefit is that you invite another startup to our innovation network, which registers with its own profile. The invited startup in turn can use our network with all its features for free and can also participate in the Innoloft Benefits Program.

Click here for more information about the Innoloft Benefits Program:

Learn more about the Innoloft Benefits Program

Eventbuddy GmbH

One startup that could already profit from the Benefits Program is the Eventbuddy GmbH. The Eventbuddy GmbH offers an innovative and intuitive platform for event management and digital ticket sales.

“As a startup in the growth phase, you are quickly confronted with the scaling of your digital infrastructure. Through Innoloft’s Benefits Program, we were able to profit from a partnership with Amazon Web Services, so we can now focus on the further development of our platform.” – Lucian Holtwiesche, Head of Product 

How FinTech Startups overtake traditional banks – 7 examples from the Innoloft network

Banking & Finance

Online-payments are becoming more and more critical for many businesses. In 2018, 6.4 billion transfers were made in Germany alone. And according to a Statista forecast, approximately 2.35 trillion euros will be realized worldwide in B2C e-commerce. The mostly old-fashioned, slow systems of many banks hinder these processes enormously. Disruptive FinTech Startups offer a faster, alternative approach.

In today’s increasingly fast-moving society, the focus shifts to more important things and complicated processes such as manual transfers or post-identification procedures don´t fit in the present time. With the new European directive “PSD2” further authentication steps have become necessary for security. The fast adaptation of important changes is the decisive argument for startups. This is one of the reasons why the fast registration, the simple handling and the innovative image of FinTech Services are so interesting especially for younger target groups. These required payment & authentication solutions are implemented by FinTech Startups as end-user-oriented solutions. We present you seven FinTech Startups from our innovationnework operating in these areas.


Seven FinTechs represented from the Innoloft network


TransferWise – Money without Borders


Conventional banks often lure customers with “free, cross-border transfers” and thus create the impression that they do not take any commissions for the currency transfer. However, if one looks at reality, one often does not see which exchange rate, which was usually chosen for the clear advantage of the bank, was used for the calculation. With more than 1,000 country combinations in 49 currencies and true medium exchange rates, TransferWise offers a business model that sounds too good to be true. The FinTech easily outperforms most banks in terms of transparency and performance. TransferWise takes low and above all completely transparent transfer fees and thus offers a real alternative when it comes to money transfers abroad.


AUTHADA – Simple authentication anytime and anywhere


Since 2010 the electronic identity card offers the possibility to verify oneself on the internet. This principle is also used by AUTHADA, which offers an authentication solution that enables simple verification via mobile phone. All the user has to do is hold his identity card on his mobile phone and the data is transmitted via NFC. For security reasons, the app requires the previously defined eID-pin of the ID card. A stand-alone, but also a white label option for implementation in both online and onsite applications makes the service suitable for adapting to many different applications. Thus the Startup would like to use the potential of the eID clearly more and replace it by the fast and flexible method Post-Ident and Skype-video-verification.


Bluecode – Digital Payments with no new account


Why do I need a new bank account with every mobile payment provider? The Austrian FinTech Bluecode also asked itself this question. The team has come up with a solution that makes it obsolete to have to use additional accounts and at the same time significantly speeds up the payment process at the checkout. Once registered and with the current account with direct debit authorization deposited, Bluecode offers payment by barcode. So-called Bluecode tokens are generated to make payments “scanable” directly on the mobile phone. With the implementation of certain customer cards and benefit systems, Bluecode also offers the advantage of not always having to carry all cards around with you. Bluecode cooperates with Alipay in a trans-European-Chinese alliance in order to establish itself as a counterweight to the American companies Google Pay and Apple Pay.


Tabbt – Time is money or money is (shared) time?


Whether it’s a barbecue, eating in a restaurant or tickets to the festival. It happens almost every day that colleagues, acquaintances and friends lend each other money when, for example, someone has no or not enough cash. In order to prevent annoying voucher collecting, the Tabbt-app offers an easy way to send money directly to other people. The transfer is usually received by the recipient after one business day. Tabbt is the first payment provider to pursue a so-called “zero knowledge” security concept, in which all sensitive data such as pin-codes or account numbers are not visible to the startup and enable the smartphone to communicate directly with the bank in encrypted form. Combined with the simple handling, this results in a free, fast and simple payment provider with the focus on making daily life of its customers much easier.


Adyen – Payment-technologies that suit every need


Adyen, which roughly means “start from scratch”, offers versatile payment-solutions for every need. The founders saw the possibility of a unified payment system for companies that have more than one sales channel and are easy to use. No matter whether directly in the shop, at the delivery service or mobile at the ride-sharing platform. Thanks to the anonymous evaluation provided, the startup not only offers the payment service, but also the possibility of analyzing the data to improve the sales processes. Thanks to the flexible design, the company has already secured well-known customers such as eBay, Spotify and Uber. In addition, Adyen also offers end user value through standardized payment options and a benefit system. In the long run Adyen tries to implement this standard as “Unified Commerce”.


IDnow – Verification by artificial intelligence


Hybrid identification solutions through the advantages of man and machine. This is how IDnow could be summarized in one sentence. The startup focuses on a mixture of machine learning and trained identity and fraud specialists in order to achieve enormous reliability with 99.95% correct identifications. Above all, IDnow can be used in areas such as finance, telecommunications and eCommerce with compliance with many security standards such as the DSGVO and continuous auditing. The end user, for example, only scans the image of an ID document with his smartphone and then his face, which is verified in seconds. This ease of use allows the startup not only to significantly improve the end user’s onboarding experience, but also to significantly improve the conversion rate.


Klarna – A payment a day keeps the trouble away


The Swedish based bank Klarna offers online shoppers all over the world the possibility to freely choose how they want to pay. Whether by invoice, in instalments or directly by bank transfer, the Startup offers the right payment model for every customer. With over one million transactions per day and 2500 employees, Klarna is already one of the heavyweights among FinTech companies. Through continuous development in all areas, Klarna is able to offer its customers an even better user experience. One-click payment options, push messages for due dates or pausing instalment payments are just a few of the numerous convenience functions for users. Klarna stands out from many of its competitors with its strengths in flexibility and excellent buyer protection.


Do you want to know more about the startups presented here or you are looking for further FinTech startups from our digital innovation network? Join for free or login to get free access to all the content of our database.

Fincite is the startup of the week 46: best-in-class wealthmanagement software

Banking & Finance, IT & ICT

If you have ever wanted to invest money, you probably know how complicated and time-consuming the whole process is. However, this is not only the case for customers, but also for financial institutes. To help the banks (and ultimately the customer), our startup of the week, Fincite, has developed a software solution that enables financial service providers to realize new models and innovations faster. We sat down with Christian Paulus, their Marketing Director, to learn more about Fincite, as well as their values and goals.


Hello Christian! Thank you for taking the time for this interview today. Let’s start right with our first question: How would you pitch Fincite?

In a world in which it is becoming more and more expensive for financial institutions to offer analogue investment advice and asset management, we enable banks, asset management companies and insurance companies to offer their customers digital or digitally supported, i.e. hybrid, services.

To do that, you developed your own software, right? What can the user do with this software?

Exactly. Our Fincite.CIOS software enables financial service providers to do three main things. All accounts, assets, investment objectives and restrictions can be recorded in a 360° profile. We then use this data to generate insights and impulses about the client for the bank.
In addition, the financial institution can create and manage highly individualized portfolios. These portfolios match to the preferences, objectives and constraints of the client, as well as the investment guidelines of the bank.

That sounds very extensive. What is the advantage of Fincite.CIOS over other software systems?

Our software enables financial service providers to quickly roll out new service models and innovations in the field of investment, to digitize them and to make them more customer-centric. Today, many financial institutions are unable to do this, because important steps are not supported by software or only take place in rigid legacy systems.

With Fincite.CIOS we cover a wide range of investment processes. This ranges from financial analysis and consulting to investment brokerage and asset management. For institutional clients, CIOS can even be used for fund construction.

We have thus developed the world’s first connected investment software that combines three previously isolated software systems of a financial service provider. These three software systems are financial homes, consulting processes and portfolio management systems. While the software of the financial home (i) is still new, there are many rather simple software solutions for consulting processes (ii). Often isolated from these systems, banks have their (iii) portfolio management systems. These often still come from a world where advisors and asset managers have placed more emphasis on the analysis of individual stocks than on the client.

This not only provides valuable information about customers, but also shortens most processes for financial service providers. What does your business model look like?

CIOS is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). In addition, we also offer our customers configuration services. This is done together with our partners.

You’ve already briefly touched on your target groups. Could you give us a more in-depth explanation of what your target market looks like?

Yeah, sure! On the one hand, our target groups are financial service providers, i.e. direct banks, financial product distributors, private banks and institutional asset managers.
On the other hand, i.e. the company level, they are usually managers responsible for sales or processes in the areas of consulting, securities, asset management, fund sales and so on.We concentrate mainly on the DACH, BENELUX and NORDICS markets.

Does this mean that you are now also internationally represented in the market? Any plans to develop your product any further?

Yes. We are already active in many European countries and our customers include major retail banks as well as renowned private banks and sales organisations. Our aim is to further expand internationalisation in Europe, while consistently increasing our market share in our home market of Germany.

On the product side, we have recently added the topic of sustainable investments to our software. The desire of many consumers for a sustainable lifestyle is increasingly reflected in their investments, which is why it was important for us to expand our software accordingly.

Christian, that brings us to the end of this interview. Thank you very much for your time and this interesting conversation! We hope to keep hearing a lot from you! Those who are interested in further information about you and your products can have a look at your Innoloft profile.